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I wanted this to be a lot longer, but alas If I did that it you would all would be waiting about a week since I can't write for a few days.
Jinhwan's Pov “ Guy's I will be right back.” I quickly called over my shoulder running from the room quickly pulling out my phone dialling the now familiar number. “ Pick up, come on. Oh thank God!” I sighed into the phone after hearing her voice before I started. “ Video chat now!” I demanded out of breath hoping I was far enough away from everyone. “ What's up Jinnie?” She mumbled rubbing her eyes like she had in the other room. “ You send that kind of note and then ask what's up I need answers sweetheart.” I chuckled dryly pinching the bridge of my nose. “ Oh well he didn't waste any time did he.” She sighed as her face took on an unreadable expression. “ Well you know how I am in America right?” She asked clearly trying to buy time. “ Yes and?” I sighed giving into her little game. “ You are getting annoyed with me aren't you?” She said changing the subject until I finally looked towards her about to blow. “ Ah okay okay. Well don't tell anyone, but I didn't just decide to come here on a whim. I actually planned this out two years ago and was just waiting on the school to approve it.” She sighed finally getting to the point of what she was trying to say. “ I begged my parents to let me go stay with Bobby's family and study over seas that way I could see bobby again, but shortly after I applied at the school of their choice Hanbin asked me out.” She paused thinking of how to word what she was trying to say. “ I forgot all about America, until the night we had that fight. When I got home there was a letter on my desk that my parents placed there, and since everything was paid for I had no choice in going anymore.” She laughed while avoiding eye contact. “ So you found out you were leaving, and called Mino?” I asked recalling the events until it finally hit me. “ Wait?! You were going to America to be with Bobby?!” I all but yelled as a blush crept onto her face. “ Well when you put it that way yes that was the intention, but I could never bring myself to tell Hanbin after the fight.” She sighed tears forming in her eyes. “ Please don't tell them where I am staying Jinnie if either of those idiots found out well I am sure you can imagine what would happen.” She sighed shaking the thought from her head. “ You have to tell the eventually though.” I sighed as she smiled knowing I would protect her. “ So how are things going with you know who?” She asked as her lips twitched hiding a smirk. “ I am not sure exactly who you mean ma'am.” I laughed knowing full well who she was referring to. We quickly grew close after all this time to the point we knew each others darkest secrets. “ Mhmm I am sure you don't.” She laughed genuinely as we quickly spilled things we haven't had a chance to talk about. “ Speak of the devil.” She laughed just as someone walked into the view of the camera. “ Hey Jinhwan Hanbin is getting pretty mad you have been gone a while. Wait is that Noona?” June asked as he finally saw her as a smile spread across his face. “ Who would of thought the super important thing you had to do was talk to Noona.” He smirked looking between the two of us as he casually slipped his arm around my shoulder making her eyes grow wide. “ Ooh I see..” She smiled as he looked confused before his face flushed. “ You told her?” He quickly asked looking towards me as a grin spread across my face. “ Well no I didn't, but you just did.” I laughed leaning my head against his arm. “ Surprise.” He lamely said with a awkward smile causing us to all laugh. “ Awe I am so happy for you!” She beamed before remembering her horrible luck in love. “ I know how to pick them don't I.” June boasted trying to take her mind away from her thoughts. “ Well I must say you both have amazing taste.” She laughed just as someone walked around the corner. “ Ya! Hurry up Hanbin is going off and we will be here all night out of spite.” Bobby yelled unable to see or hear Y/n as I quickly hid my phone. “ Alright we will be there in a second.”I smiled trying to act like nothing was going on as he looked deeper into my eyes. “ Who are you talking to?” He said a little annoyed as he reached for my phone just as June grabbed it. “ He was showing me a video that is for my eyes only.” He smirked lying out his teeth as Bobby made a face quickly giving up. “ It can stay for your eyes only too, but seriously stop making out and get to practice before Hanbin kills us.” Bobby sighed heading back inside to try and calm Hanbin down. “ Noona we got to go Jinnie will call you later go back to bed.” June smiled as we all quickly said our byes rushing back to the practice room. “ It's about time! Now where did Bobby go.” Hanbin sighed just as bobby stepped into the room behind us which as weird. “ Hyung didn't you head back before us?” June quickly whispered to Bobby as he only gave that heartbreaking smile as my heart dropped. He had most definitely heard everything he only made that face when it came to Y/n I have seen it way too many times to not notice. Bobby's Pov “ Hey Donghyuk come here real quick?” I smiled motioning for him to follow me out the door. “ Yeah what is it Hyung?” He asked nervous as if reading into what I was about to ask. “ You said you studied in America for a while right, but which part of America?” I asked nonchalantly knowing the answer already. “ Well at first in Georgia then shortly after I was moved to Virginia.” He shuffled unable to look towards me any longer as I shook my head already aware. “ So you are the Kim Donghyuk my mother was always talking about that moved in after I left , but wait that means.” I said as the thought finally hit me if Donghyuk was staying at my parents house that means Y/n was also there. “ That idiot.” I laughed forcefully as his eyes quickly went to mine in a panic. “ You can't tell anyone!” He all but yelled taking a hold of my arms as if to shake me. “ Hey I don't know what you two are doing, but Bobby go find Jinhwan and June this is ridiculous!” Hanbin yelled before turning around to pace in the practice room. “ He really is a pain sometimes.” I sighed walking down the hall knowing exactly where the love birds were, but quickly came to a stop at the sound of her laughter. Unable to move I stupidly stood there listening to their conversation until I couldn't stand it any longer. “ Ya! Hurry up Hanbin is going off and we will be here all night out of spite.” I yelled unable to think of anything else to say as I made it out to be like I just got here. It was funny watching them act like they weren't up to anything as I tried my best not to give anything away. “ Who are you talking to?” I said trying to sound annoyed as I tried to grab his phone, but June quickly beat me to it. “ He was showing me a video that is for my eyes only.” He smirked lying out his teeth, but I played along making a face quickly giving up. “ It can stay for your eyes only too, but seriously stop making out and get to practice before Hanbin kills us.” I sighed turning to walk away as they quickly said goodbye unaware I was hiding out of sight as they rushed back to the room. “ She seriously is an idiot.” I laughed wishing we were all kids once again when everything was easy. Y/n Pov “ How am I supposed to sleep now after seeing his face.” I sighed wrapping my hand around the two rings dangling around my neck. “ Why did things have to change so much I feel like I lost the two most important people in my life.” I sighed looking towards the ceiling waiting for sleep that never came as my thoughts ran wild. No matter how hard I tried not to think of the past it seemed to be the only thing on my mind. “ Well it's hard not to think about someone when you have been living in their room for a while now.” I laughed looking around Bobby's old room where there still hung about 20 pictures of Bobby and I growing up. “ Where did all these pictures even come from?” I asked as I looked towards the one closest towards the bed. It was a recent picture of me in a frame that my parents must of sent in one of their letters. Our parents tended to send the most embarrassing pictures of us to each other, and obviously Bobby had the bright idea to frame one and stick it near his bed. “ He always was a dork.” I sighed throwing myself back onto the bed fighting tears that threaten to fall.
Yes I had to throw in Junhwan ^_^ ... So not like this is anywhere near done but I just wanted to hear opinions on who you all want together Bobby x Y/n , Hanbin x Y/n or none ( not like it has any effect on who it will be just curious xD on who is liked better)
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I agree, she and Bobby belong together ❤
Aww she has to end up with Bobby💖💖 He's always been in her heart and as well as her for him. Star crossed lovers😊