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What Would You Do If Anime Never Existed?

I probably wouldn't be here on the planet anymore
man I wouldn't know what to do when I first got into anime I was experiencing a lot horrible things depression set in and I locked my self away from the world I didn't talk to anybody didn't go to school I was really alone and the only thing that actually made me smile or laugh or cry for someone else and not just for me. it made me happy it really saved my life in all honesty if I hadn't started watching anime I wouldn't be here typing this right now so I guess I wouldn't know what to do but I'm glad it does exist 😊😄
OMG twins @CindyLin 😄
Honestly I don't know. Anime has become like comfort food to me but three years ago I couldn't name one except for Pokemon. So, it would be wierd not to have that source of joy and comfort anymore but I don't think I'd be all that lost
I wouldnt be me and life would be boring and meaningless
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