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What's up guys and I'm sorry I'm late making this. I've been busy and super lazy but I'm determined now. Let's learn more abut Dokyun Real Name: Na DoKyun Position: Main Vocalist Birth Date: Feb. 11, 1991

Fun Facts:

Plays piano and basketball

He was the vocalist of rock band Buzz from 2010-2012.

He has high alcohol tolerance & according to JaeHo can drink 8 bottles of soju.

Check out his awesome vocals in "Because I Love You" that was a OST in the drama Prince of Prince.
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Dokyun is so amazingly handsome. He is a very talented singer. 😍
John...tag me please. 😣
@IsoldaPazo I got you
his solo on HIM is amazing <3
his my bias😍😍😍