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When it comes to choosing a pair of pumps I'm quite picky. This was due to the horrible first heels purchase I ever made. I found it in an indie clothing boutique.The golden sparkly hue caught my attention and purchased it to wear at my first fashion convention.
The mistakes I made:
1. Did not wear break in to them before the convention.
2. Did not run a quality control on those heels.
I went into a shoe booth and the shoe designer noticed my foot looks uncomfortable in those shoe. He then gave me a 15 minutes lesson on choosing the right pair of heels.
Turns out the pump was not well made. The heel cup is uncomfortable due to the stiff nature. Also, the pitch of the shoe is too short in distance which means more weight shift to the toes. And you know what that means...OUCH.
Another pro tip! You can also measure your ideal heel height for a comfortable fit.
Finally, if you purchase heels: 1. Don't just settle for the style.
2. Examine the shoe construction.
3. Remember to test it out and walk around the store before finalizing on your purchase.
@stephosorio Yikes! I had the same experience when I graduated 3 years ago. My mistake was I didn't break in to them so I had blisters at the back of the ankles. :(
omg this is perfect . I had to choose between comfty heels and really fancy heels for my grad. thinking that i dont graduate everyday, I bought yhethe fancy ones & ended up wearing flip flops to the dinner afterwards with cut up bloody toes!