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Trigger warning; rape.

In the past 24 hours Kpop news sites have posted accusations claiming that Yoochun from JYJ had raped a woman in a bathroom.

Now, I'm a fan of Yoochun and the whole thing sounds suspicious to me but I'm not going to say he's innocent because I know NOTHING about the situation.
Recently I posted a card about an idol who has multiple sexual abuse and fraud charges and there were comments (on Vingle!!!!) saying that I was "rude af" for posting it, that he's "bae" and wouldn't do that.

People are blinded by their fandom.

Now, I can understand the conspiracy theories that all those charges (and this particular Yoochun charge) are false and the idol might be innocent (people trying to get their money, etc)

But never EVER say this:

There are also comments saying the girl was LUCKY to be raped by Yoochun.




Comments immediately calling the girl a bitch, a whore, or just someone looking to get money or fame is EXACTLY the reason why women and men don't come forward about being raped.

It's easier to suffer in silence than have society turn on you and call you a lying bitch.

So please, PLEASE remember that idols are humans just like rape victims are humans and you do NOT know them personally.

The more famous they are, the better they are at constructing an image for in front of the camera. Even your beloved oppas. It's just a fact fans of entertainers have to live with.
I'm not saying that Yoochun is guilty AT ALL, I'm saying don't you DARE turn on this girl without knowing a single fact. (And no, anything you got from Koreaboo, AllKpop, a fan translation does NOT count as fact.)

Be a good Kpop fan and hold your idols accountable for their actions. They are meant to be role models, not above the law because they're loved by many.

See I refuse to touch this subject with a ten foot pole, but when people start accusing the victim that their lying is when it starts to piss me off. If you where this victim, would you want to be accused of lying about being fucking raped?! No! Now if she did start the rumor because she wants attention then that's sick and twisted and people like that needs to be checked mentally. It's unfair and extremely disgusting how they use that tactic. Because there is rape victims and there is people out there who deal with sexual assault on a daily bases.
A lot of these fangirls don't seem to know the difference between reality and fantasy. Their idols may not seem like bad people, but that's the point. They can't act like bad people because they end up hurting the company. They also have to be careful with what they say so that it doesn't spark up controversy. Hypocrisy among the Kpop fandom is HUGE. If their favorite idol smokes, it's no problem... but if it's just some random man smoking, that man is disgusting. What's sad is that these fangirls seem to be brainwashed, they think their idols are perfect beings, they can even think that they are superior. They aren't, though. These idols are humans, they have personalities of their own. They can be and sometimes ARE assholes. They can be bad people, but we don't know because the company shows us their 'good side'.
rape is not a fucking joke to play at because my cousin died back in February from rape and strangulation
PREACH IT!!! Rape is never okay, men and women suffer from being raped, it affects how they are able to live normal lives and the people around them. Idols aren't always angels either as much as we want them to be they aren't, we won't know the truth until it's revealed from the law or their company or themselves. We should be cautious in what we believe or who we believe.
I knew I loved you. This is very well written and I feel the same way. If this really happened then that poor girl has already suffered so much. If it's a lie, then she's going to be punished accordingly. But never let yourself be blinded to the facts just because you want to keep an imagine of your idol intact. Even if you met an idol for a brief moment, you do not actually know them or their character. You only see what they want you to see. Please remember that when dealing with violence, hate, discrimination, etc. with your idols. They are amazingly talented and beautiful, however they are just people and they are only humans. Don't put their pedestals up so high that you're incapable of bringing them down when needed.
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