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Then I came to this and........
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@aiaconcarne but that was revealed after he died. In THE moment of his death why did people cry is what I want to know.
@ZephyrBlaze bec. people have always known he was a good guy. thr confirmation came after his death which only made his death extra painful.
@aiaconcarne how would you know he's a good guy though? he was a cool character nothing pointed towards good though. Even when he gave Naruto the sharingan to save Sasuke he attacked Naruto, you know what I don't care anymore ppl will cry over this stuff let 'em
@ZephyrBlaze an inkling actually. i guess bec his character has been built up as an anti-hero
@aiaconcarne as I said cool I get that but for ffs my brother who is a DIE HARD itachi fan didn't cry when he died he just said what I said "damn" I thought Itachi went out like a beast he was a cool character built up as yes an anti-hero who tricked his brother into basically doing everything he wanted him to do I just didn't cry I respected his death and moved on but like I said I'm going to drop it 馃槜 so 馃檯馃檸 night night 馃槾