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Hi everyone! I'm sure everyone is celebrating the big day and listening and thinking about the boys. I was pushing to get this card made by the end if the day. I want to start by saying I at have started listening hard core to these boys in the last several months (thanks @SarahVanDorn for introducing them to me) but they put so much effort, enthusiasm, energy, into their work that it is amazing and inspiring! This morning I got to see bts on live+ and it made my day! I hope anyone who watched it had a great day because of it! So now I'm going to put up a few pic's. I'm sorry if some were a bit blurry!
having a little fun before the party starts!
they all seemed to have so much fun doing their 3rd anniversary party. I was happy to see it! Namjoon shocked me with his dance moves!
And yes I have a little montage of Eat Jin!
Tag List!!!!! Grouping for bts
Fam tag list!