High End Crush!! I literally started this drama 2 days ago and I just finished it. Kinda threw me off a bit that the episodes were about 15-20 minutes long though. All in all I liked it <3 It was a cute story, but Jung Il Woo was SO ANNOYING but in a hilarious way. I kept cracking up in every episode because of his childish tantrums. One thing I didn't really get convinced by was Bo Ra's crying scene. It was too scripted and played out rather than it being realistic. Every other scene she played was good though! and not to mention theny included Monsta X here!! That was pretty cool <3
Also, what threw me off was his last line... "Shall we meet again in season 2?"...Like....what? haha..You don't do that Mr. Director, but it was unexpected so it's acceptable lol My rating from a 1 to a 10...for me it's an 8, I would watch it again for the comedy and I would recommend it if you want a few laughs
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I have to watch this!! 👍😊 Thank you for the review!