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Winners for the giveaway!!!!!

Top prize winner: @OtakuDemon10 Mini prize winners: @neevp @Animefreak484

These were the winners (randomly chosen by a machine) of my giveaway!! I had fun doing this giveaway!! For the future reference I will be doing more in the future!!

Winners!!! ill message you about your prize!!!!

Notice: all of this is funded by me! If it has not made it to its destination (it should if given information is correct) it's not my problem.
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@Animefreak484 about 7 or 8
a year ago·Reply
@tayhar18920 THATS ALL!?!?!?
a year ago·Reply
@Animefreak484 @tayhar18920 I wonder why🤔 Maybe people are just busy; I feel like vingle in general hasn't been as active as usual...
a year ago·Reply
@OtakuDemon10 me as well back last October we were extremely active
a year ago·Reply
Even before that we were booming idk what happened even invinsybll hasn't been on for a while
a year ago·Reply