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Summer Korean Recipe: 수박화채!

I was first introduced to this summer treat by L and Sunggyu on Sesame Player.

L decided he was going to make su-bak-hwa-chae and the result was...okay lol.

Their recipe:

Cut water melon in half and take out all the insides.
Put the insides in a container and add milk and cider to taste.

Now for a REAL recipe:

수박화채 is often translated as 'watermelon punch' and is normally eaten in the summer. I attached a video, but here's a transcription:
1. Put 1/2 cup water + 1/2 cup sugar into a heated pot
2. Don't let the water boil! Just let the sugar melt to create a syrup then transfer it to a cool bowl.
3. Cut up or spoon out bits of watermelon, take that is left of the watermelon and put it in a kitchen towel and squeeze the juice into a punch bowl or pitcher.
4. Cut up other fruits like pears or strawberries (make cute shapes if you want!!)
5. Add the watermelon into another bowl and pour your syrup evenly over the fruit. Mix it with your hands so the fruit is all covered.
6. In the punch bowl, add some sparkling water. *some people add milk as well to make it creamier, but its not necessary)
7. Pour in your fruits, stir, add some ice, and SERVE!

Who wants to come over for some RIGHT NOW?!

@sarahdarwish but srsly i NEED to make this this summer haha
I'm going to make this for my daughter's birthday tomorrow
Sounds amazing! My favorite food in the summer is watermelon.
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