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안녕하세요 Loverlys! KPopBeat here with some interesting news I have been running across all day.
BitHit Entertainment's new rookie group?
Most people know BigHit Entertainment for their amazingly popular group BTS, but people are starting to wonder when this small but rather popular company will introduce fans to their hard working trainees.
At a BTS concert fan's have been saying that they saw this group of boys wearing white masks and it was instantly assumed that they are the new up coming group to debut with BigHit. Now nothing has been officially stated and now that this picture has been released a lot of fans have become curious, making us only hope to hear from the company directly.
Does BitHit have plans for a new boy group? Are they silently cheering on their seniors while trying to hide behind white masks?
Only time will tell..... as we all know well.... We never know what to expect when it comes to BigHit.
We here at KpopINT will let you know as soon as more information becomes available.
I am rather excited to see what BigHit comes out with next... aren't you?
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soon to be big hit trainee right here... i adutioned not to long ago just waiting to hear back from them *fingers crossed*
I actually wanted to see a girl group from big hit. I mean they did remarkably well with bangtan. It'd be amazing to see what they could do with girl groups.
Whooaaa that would be so kool!! BTS has set the bar high sooooo...
can't wait to see how they are
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