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안녕하세요 Loverlys! KPopBeat here to shed some light on a sad day. Now I live in Orlando, Florida, and I have been to the nightclub Pulse with some of my friends from college. We like to go there because it was a nonjudgmental group of people and you never had to worry because everyone was accepted.
Now I do know people who were lost in the tragedy and I know some who are still at this very moment in the hospital, their lives still hanging by a thread.
My community and a lot of the world has come together to show support for the people who have been involved in this, but what breaks my heart?
Watching Kpop idols who are trying to show their support be forced to take down their posts because of hateful comments by fans.
G Dragon posted a rainbow heart on his Instagram only to have to take it down because of nasty comments about him being gay and other ignorant things.
He also posted a few other things on his Instagram showing his support.
G Dragon isn't the only one that tried to reach out. Amber, Peniel, Jay Park, Jo Kwon, and Brian all gave their support. Some also receiving a bit of hate for their support.
As someone who has been affected by this tragedy, someone who has lost friends and still can't sleep properly in fear of that phone call stating the ones barely holding on have passed.
I Thank You all for your support. I wish people would not look down on you for showing support to those who are hurting more than me and those who have passed on.
My thoughts go out to those who were affected and those we lost in this event. May they rest in peace.
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First off, I am so sorry that you are going through this very hard time, I know you must be hurting (💙 hugs) Second, I know that the lgbt community is not very accepted in Korea, so it is very brave for these idols to step up and make their support public. It is not the first time for many of them to do so; and I get the feeling that, as always, it is the younger generation that will one day lead the way to acceptance - as it does for everything all over the world. I am sorry that they received so much negative feedback for showing that they care and have a heart, but I applaud them for trying to be human in the face of such adversity.
I feel bad for them getting hate and even GD having to take his post down because of childish people. Even if they do good things people still complain.
@JamiMilsap Thank You