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This weeks theme is ready!! Special thanks to @BlackoutZJ and @AimeBolanos for their idea :)

Today's theme: Voice Actor Waifus!

(or husbandos :P)
- --Post a card with {WW} in the title of your favorite voice actor waifu!
You can list up the characters she voices, or you can choose her based on characters you love the voices of if you don't have a favorite voice actor off hand ^-^
-- tag me @hikaymm so I can clip it to the WW collection!

Tagging the WW crew!

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@BlackoutZJ I'm doing a top ten for mine
a year ago·Reply
Can it be a English dub voice actor?
a year ago·Reply
@biancadanica98 it can be English or Japanese
a year ago·Reply
@SimplyAwkward OK good, thank you!
a year ago·Reply
@biancadanica98 you're welcome
a year ago·Reply