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Y/N sorry i didn't post this earlier i totally forgot about this one but i'll try my best to post the rest on time promise
chapter 2 : A Day In The Life Of: The Student Body President
I heard the sound of my alarm clock going off. I hit the snooze button and sighed, a new semester...I should be excited but freshmen aren't exactly a good thing, it's basically just a bunch of new kids who want to come show off or become popular. Then there's always that ONE person who wants to take over the school and be recognized as the most popular person in Highschool and College, it's usually the ones you least expect too. Oh well, as student body president this is something I have to deal with. At least Koneko is helping me out this year, as Vice President, I'm sure she's thinking about all this too. Except that she's probably looking at the pros instead of the cons, man my back hurts. I stretched out and yawned. I looked at the time, 7:15 a.m.
My phone lit up.
"Yeboseyo?" I answered in a sleepy tone.
"Jin-ssi, did I wake you?"
"Oh, Kitty. Hey, no I woke up like 5 minutes ago. What's up?" I yawned.
"Oppa, go back to sleep. At least get 2 more hours, I'll set up the registration booths and make sure everything else is in order before the newbies arrive." She said cheerfully.
She calls me Oppa to mock me. She may be a university student but she's shorter than I am so she refers to me as 'Oppa' since she's always wanted a tall brother.
"I can't just let you do that by yourself"
"I insist. SeokJin go back to sleep, I wouldn't want the princess of Blossom Heights to be without his proper beauty rest" she giggled.
"Prince." I corrected. "Noona, are you sure?"
"It's nothing I can't handle, besides I can always call Bum-ssi, Chanyeol-ssi and the others to come help if I need any. Besides I'm just gonna be doing a double check, nothing serious really. Go back to sleep."
"You're too good to me. Thank you, I owe you big time" I said.
"Lunch will suffice." She giggled. "I'll see you later"
"Okay, bye~"
She's the best, I couldn't ask for a better friend/Vice President. I swear she spoils me a lot, but I should show her more gratitude. She works hard and is still able to be so cheerful and kind despite everything. I set my alarm for two hours later and got comfy again, I closed my eyes.
*Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep*
I woke up feeling a bit more refreshed. Amazing what two hours more of sleep can do, I got out of bed and stretched out. I texted Koneko to make sure everything was going okay and that things were going as planned. I went to look for something to wear, I want to look my best.
My phone vibrated and lit up.
The screen showed Koneko's reply.
Koneko: Everything is running smoothly ^_^ I wore the school uniform to look the part, so did the others. Now then when will the princess come grace us with his presence? Hehe.
I smiled and replied.
Koneko: Yay! I'm on the west side of the E building~ Can't wait to see you Oppa! G2G, there's a girl coming and I'm gonna get her started. Anneyong (^ー^)ノ
Even in her texts she sounds so cheerful. She's like a virus or something, which is funny since Chanyeol is exactly the same. I could only imagine if they ended up together, it'd be like a cheerful apocalypse. They could probably score for 'worlds most happiest people' record. Not that it's a bad thing, it's people like them that make the darkness in the world disappear.
I lay my uniform on the bed and went to take a shower. I have to look my best today. After all I want to set a good example and leave a good impression, I took a deep breath.
Blossom Heights is an elite school for the rich, it's not your average school either. Only the families who pay top dollar and come from an esteemed bloodline are able to come here, it's pretty much a place where the vain and ambitious hang out. Every once in a while less fortunate folk get scholarships and thus are allowed to partake in being a part of this high society although not many stay for the whole time. I've never met a person who isn't...well up to my status, I've always wanted to know what it's like to not have all the things I do and just see how it is, I think being 'poor' makes you embrace life and also to be thankful for the little things you have. Koneko never talks about her family or her lifestyle but I've heard she's from a very humble family. No one really knows, there's a bunch of rumors about her and her old lifestyle but it doesn't really matter anyway, she's a great friend and a great person. All my other friends are of high caliber and like me, heir to their family fortune. None of us knew what spare change was or what junk food was either, my parents forbid me from trying commoner foods and they refused to let me visit a place called The Market. The life of an Heir is boring and always busy, this place is basically a hang out place for us high class people, passing our time here in this paradise.
There's 8 different buildings, 4 that belong to the Highschool and 4 that belong to the university students. Each building represents a grade. So 9-12 and the 4 years of college. Then aside from those there's 4 buildings which are the dorms, the buildings contain about 110 rooms I think. Each room being able to hold 2-3 people, there's also apartments but since they're outside of the campus it's extra money. There's attractions too like an Aquarium, Indoor pool and Jacuzzi, Outdoor pool, amusement park, ballroom, planetarium, Soccer field, Gym, football field, Auditorium, Theatre and so many other things. It's a luxury. Some students here don't ever want to leave but the way the system here works is you have to keep your grades high if not its automatic expulsion. They don't waste time nor will they have their reputation stained.
The limo came to a stop and my door opened.
"We have arrived sir, would you like me to send your things to your dorm?"
"Yes please. Thank you Bruce" I said.
"You're welcome." He smiled.
I smiled back. "I'll see you in the summer when I get back home"
"I shall be awaiting your return master Jin" he bowed his head. "Have a wonderful semester"
"Thank you." I said and walked towards building E.
Girl: it's him! Hi Jin!
I looked and smiled. "Hey"
Girl2: Jin!
I smiled and nodded.
Girl3: Jin! Omg, how are you?
"I'm good and you?"
Girl3: I'm great.
"Good to hear" I said.
"Jin, what's up man!"
"Hoseok" I smiled.
He hugged me. "Long time no see bro. How was your winter break?"
"It was good and yours?"
"Eh, stayed home most of the time." He shrugged.
"SeokJin! Wassuh!"
"Namjoon, what's up? How are you?"
He bro fisted me and grinned. "Good to see you"
(A/N: Pewdiepie reference lol)
"Likewise. I didn't expect to see you today since technically this is for the new students"
Hoseok: It is?
Namjoon: We came to help Kitty, some people bailed on her last minute and we couldn't leave her hangin yanno?
"Thanks guys. I really appreciate it, Where's Jungkook, Chim, Yoongi and Tae?" I asked.
Hoseok: Yoongi is over there under that shady tree.
"Asleep." I said.
Hoseok: Good ol lazy grandpa Yoongi. Haha.
Namjoon: Tae's over there handing out flyers.
I looked over to Taehyung, his blank expression and extending his arm out trying to give it to passing students. He was like a robot, emotionless and just blank staring. The new students passing by would just look at him and out of fear they'd get the paper and walk away quickly.
"Um...okay? Well what about Chim and Jungkook?" I asked.
Hoseok: You see the crowd of girls over there?
_| ̄|○
I sighed. "Okay, what're you two doing?"
Namjoon: We're basically telling the new students where to go to finalize their enrollment and sign up for classes.
"Do me a huge favor and help Tae with those flyers, make sure you smile and welcome the students...Taehyung is on a whole different level."
Namjoon: Say no more. Hoseok you're cheerful, go help Tae.
Hoseok: Alright. Later Jin.
"Thanks Hoseok, I'll see you later"
Namjoon: Lemme guess, you want me to go get Jimin and Jungkook.
"Yes. Bring them to where Koneko is, she needs a break" I said.
Namjoon: Yeah, she's been working her butt off all morning. There's a lot of new kids this semester.
"I can see that. Some girls were talking to me and I had never seen them in my life" I said.
Namjoon: Well they obviously did their research Mr. Student body president who's also the #1 student AND Prince of Blossom Heights.
"I still don't know why everyone calls me Prince. Also you're all part of the student body too, I don't get why I'm such a big deal" I said.
Namjoon: Seriously? Bruh you can't be that delirious, you're the alpha of this school. All the girls dig you and all the dudes wanna be you.
"So? Then they just know me cuz of what they've heard, you can't like someone if you don't truly know them. For all they know I could be a total jerk"
Namjoon laughed.
Namjoon: Good one. Jin you don't have a mean cell in your body, everyone likes you bro. Even the university girls have a thing for you~ kekeke. Next year they'll be all over you.
"I'm a sophomore. Nevermind, I'm gonna go see what Koneko is up too. Bring Jimin and Jungkook"
Namjoon: Sure thing Mr. SeokJin
I walked to building E and spotted Koneko helping a girl, it seems lie, she's about done.
She looked in my direction. "Jin! Hey! Welcome back~ OMG it feels like it's been forever!"
As I made my way up the stairs, the girl she helped was leaving.
"We were on the phone not too long ago though"
"Well yeah but not in person silly" she smiled and hugged me.
I hugged her back. "True, I suppose it's not the same"
She pulled away. "Did you run into Namjoon, Tae, Hoseok, Chim and Kookie?"
"Ne." I said. "But they were in their own world, I asked Hoseok to help Taehyung out"
She giggled. "Himnae~ they were all actually a lot of help. Bum Sunbae and Chanyeol Oppa said they'd be here a little later. But I called up some of my friends and they came to help with the final steps of enrollment"
"How many girls did you help out?"
"Well we started at 7:00 so within the 2 hours I've helped 60 girls." She said.
She nodded. "Yup, but everyone is finished though. I mean I told the girls to stay put until 10 that's when we'll be 'closing'. So just one hour and 30 minutes to go"
"Uwa. You're amazing Koneko" I smiled.
"Gamsahabnida~ Say Jin, why are Jimin, Namjoon and Jungkook headed this way?"
"Well, I think you deserve a break. You've done so much already" I said.
She smiled. "Oppa, you don't have too."
"I insist" I smiled back.
Jimin: Hey Kitty (;
"Hi Chim" she said happily.
"Noona" Jungkook smiled. "We came to help"
Jimin: Need a massage? You look...tense.
"In your dreams Jimin"
"Rin" Koneko smiled.
"Hey girl, sorry to pull you away suddenly but I need you to meet me in the dorms. The tour has started and we're a little short" she said.
"Alright. I'll be there"
"I'll go too, there's a pretty good amount of male students too. Namjoon come with me. Chim and Jungkook do you think you can handle this?" I asked.
Chim: Yeah.
Jungkook: Don't worry I'll keep a close eye on him
"Thanks Jungkook" I smiled.
Chim: Hey, what's that supposed to mean?
"Come on Noona and Namjoon, let's make our way to the dorms."
So much for Noona taking a break.
We decided to walk since there was really no hurry, they won't be at the dorms any time soon. We stopped by to get some milk tea Boba and continued walking. Noona was somewhat quieter than usual, she's always upbeat and talkative, I looked at her.
She looked back at me and smiled.
I smiled back. "Noona, how was your break?"
"Busy, I went back home and helped my parents with some things. They also moved so I did that" she said.
Namjoon: Cool where to?
"They moved to Ilsan" she said a bit hesitant.
Ilsan, the suburbs. I hear there's a lot of cheap housing there for commoners but I probably shouldn't say that. Koneko never talks about her family and the fact she's sharing this is surprising.
Namjoon: Suburbs. Nice. I want to buy a house in Incheon to go relax, plus it'll be nice to see what it's like.
"What what's like?" She asked.
Red flag.
I elbowed Namjoon and cleared my throat.
"Noona, will you be staying in the Highschool dorms?" I asked changing the subject.
She nodded. "Yup. I'll be staying where I first started when I got here"
"The sweetheart wing." I smiled. "I remember I was still a freshman when we met"
She giggled. "Yeah. I'm a honorary Cupid and how could I forget? I never thought we'd be close though."
Namjoon: Me either. You two used to be the worst enemies.
"Noona started it"
"What? I did no such thing but you're the only ones who've seen my bad side and you caught me on a good day" she grinned.
Namjoon: On a good day? Chincha?
She nodded. "No one has ever gotten on my nerves before and I can't remember the last time I got angry like that. You, Hoseok, Namjoon and Yoongi were by far the worst students I had gotten assigned too. Always messing around and ignoring me, not following directions"
"I was the Angel among them" I chuckled.
"Whatever princess. You were such a prick and bratty." She giggled.
Namjoon: True. Bro you were quiet but bratty. You gave Noona so much attitude but in a nice way hahahaha. How does that even work? Noona was the same way, insults but with a smile.
Koneko laughed. "Oh man, those were the days but look at you all now. Princess Jin is president of the student body"
"Only because you stepped down and became Vice President" I said. "I think you would've made an excellent president Noona"
"Well I have sports and all that mess so being president just seemed like too much, besides you're way better at that stuff than I am. I can never be serious or take that seriously for that matter." She smiled. "Everyone tells me they've never really seen me serious not even when I focus I always have a grin on my face" she said.
It was true. Not counting that ONE time we pissed her off, Koneko is always happy. It never seems like mean or negative things bother her, well at least she doesn't show it.
Namjoon: Have you met the new professors?
"Yes, they're gorgeous." Koneko grinned. "Especially Mr. Kim Hyunjoong and Mr. Lee Seunghyun." She sighed. "We got new dance instructors too~ I'm definitely signed up for that. Dong Youngbae, Kwon Jiyong, Lee know it's gonna be a good class."
"Lee Taemin is still in school isn't he?" I asked.
Namjoon: Yeah, his last year.
"You teach too." Koneko said.
"When there's no teacher. I'm a substitute" I said.
"A highschooler teaching highschoolers. It's kinda cute" Koneko teased.
"Ya, Noona you always tease me." I said.
"It's fun. But in all seriousness, I'm proud of you. All of you, you went from back talking, goofy, sassy punks to...Hmm, well actually you're still all goofy. Keke."
Namjoon: You like our goofiness though.
"Hehe. True. Chim for sure takes the cake, it got so much funner when Jungkook and Chim transferred here."
"You have a soft spot for Jungkook, it's not fair"
"I can't help it. Jungkook was so adorable~ Now he's Mankook!"
Namjoon: You still baby him.
"Well he's the youngest. I'll always see him as fetus Kookie" she smiled.
"Someone's acting like a Umma" I giggled.
"I'm not going to lie, sometimes I think about starting a family. I want to have that experience of having a baby and being truly happy in life" she said.
Truly happy?
Namjoon: We're right on time, the buses are coming.
"That was fast" I said.
Namjoon: Do we just wait here?
"I'll go see if Sooyeon is on one of the buses." I said. "I'll be back"
I walked towards the buses and spotted Sooyeon.
"Sooyeon" I called out as I made my way to her.
"Jin" she smiled. "Right on time as always"
"Haha. Well you know I'd never let you down" I smiled back
"You're a life saver" she said.
We began discussing things about the new students, Sooyeon seemed concerned about the girls more than the boys. Apparently some girls had almost gotten into a fight earlier when they were taking a tour of the school.
"Jin, I really hope Koneko can handle it." She said.
"I'm sure she can, Koneko has experience with rowdy freshmen. She'll be fine" I smiled.
"Well, alright. Thanks by the way for coming, the boys are a bit more rebellious" she said.
"Don't worry, the guys and I will take care of it." I assured. "I'll see you later and thank you for helping Koneko."
"It's no problem at all..." She smiled shyly.
I excused myself and went to get Namjoon and tell Koneko to join the girls.
Namjoon: Of course we'd get stuck with the worst task. By the way Jungkook, Jimin and Yoongi are on their way here.
"What about Tae?"
"I'm right here..."
"How'd you get here so fast?" I asked.
He shrugged.
"I'll go join the girls. I'll see you guys later" Koneko smiled.
Taehyung: Noona...
"Yes Tae?" She asked.
"The force be with you" he said with his blank stare.
She giggled. "Thank you young skywalker. Bye guys~"
Taehyung sure is something.
I took a deep breath. "Have you heard anything from any of the other guys?"
Taehyung: I saw Kim Bum earlier but he was looking for Noona. Chanyeol is waiting at the dorms along with Jungmin, Jongdae, Hanbin, Baekhyun, Jongin, Minho and Insoo.
"How'd you go all the way to the dorms and back?" I asked.
Taehyung: ...(Shrugs)
"Koneko got all of them to come out today? That's pretty impressive, they usually don't come on this day" I said.
Taehyung: Of course. No one can say no to Noona, her charms are inevitable.
Funny how he can still say that and keep and expressionless face.
"I see. Well we have a good amount of guys then, more than the girls." I said.
Jimin: Have no fear ChimChim is here~
Jungkook: Hey guys
Hoseok: How'd you get here so fast? (Looks at Taehyung)
Taehyung: ... (Shrugs)
Namjoon: Alright now that we're all here let's get down to business.
We arrived at the dorms, Sooyeon wasn't kidding about these guys. But some of them knew who I was which was a bit weird. I knew none of them...
"Hm?" I looked up.
"You're like a legend." A guy approached me. "How did you get so popular?"
A legend? Me?
Jimin: It's all cuz of me. I made him the popular guy he is today.
Hoseok: Not even.
Namjoon: No Jams.
Taehyung: The force is within him.
Jungkook: Uh...Tae you need to lay off the sci-fi channel
"Hyungnim, will you tell me your secret?"
Another guy approached us.
"Excuse me, but they're about to start calling out the names. Please go join your group" he told the freshman.
He bowed and excused himself.
"Uh, thank you" I said.
"No problem Hyung" he smiled.
"Um, what's your name?" I asked.
"Ah. Of course how rude of me. Anneyonghaseyo, Jin Hyosang-imnida"
"Your name sounds so familiar" I said.
"Um...that's because we're in the same class" he said.
"Cheongmal? Mianhae. I don't recall" I said.
Why is he here? Did Noona call him?
"Gwaenchana. Um, Koneko Noona called me and asked if I could come help" he said.
It seems Noona remembers names and faces better than I do.
"I see. Mannaso bangapssumnida, Kim SeokJin-imnida" I said with a polite smile.
"Ne. I know how you are. The prince of Blossom Heights, everyone always talks about you." He said.
Chanyeol: Jin, They're all yours.
"Excuse me. I need to go and talk to them" I said and made my way to the front of the crowd.
I went up the steps to the middle of the room and could see everyone perfectly. These freshmen were clearly spoiled rich kids as we all were but their mentality is a bit different.
"Welcome to Blossom Heights. Its an honor to be here and being able to see all of you. I'm the student body president of Blossom Heights, Kim SeokJin. Now before showing you to your new home for the next 4 years I'd like to say a few things" I said.
Boy1: Hey you're the so called Prince right?
Boy2: Bro you're like a legend!
Boy3: My sister recently graduated and she said you're every girls dream come true
They all began commenting things and talking amongst each other. It's hard being well know. Sometimes because they all automatically assume that they know everything there is to know, I didn't mind being popular but sometimes things can get out of hand. There were a lot of handsome boys here but why I'm the most popular I'll never really know. Everyone says my looks and personality are Prince like, that's the nickname they've given me and everyone is aware.
"Please, settle down gentlemen" I called out.
They came to silence and looked at me.
"As I was saying. I'd like to say a few things" I began.
I went over the basic rules and what the consequences were if they didn't follow through. They didn't seem so bad once I had this talk with them, they weren't acting the rowdy and noisy freshmen on the bus but more civil. Once that was over with, the guys grabbed a clipboard and began dividing this HUGE group and began showing them to their dorms. The lobby was clear soon and I took a deep breath.
"Hyungnim" I said.
"Sorry I'm late. I stopped by to see Koneko" he sighed.
I don't know why he doesn't just ask her out, it's obvious he likes her.
"I see. How'd it go?"
"She looks so pretty, like always" he smiled.
"Yeah. Noona is always pretty" I smiled back.
"Hey, you're a close friend of hers. Can I ask you something?"
"Ne" I said. "What is it?"
"Is there anyone she likes?" He asked.
"Hyungnim, Do you like Noona?" I asked.
I already know the answer but just to be sure.
"Well...Yes. I've liked her for a long time now but she never seems to get the hints I give her. EVER" he said. "It drives me crazy but I think maybe she doesn't like me so she doesn't acknowledge when I do give out those hints"
"Hyung, just be honest. Tell her you like her, Noona never talks about her love life so I wouldn't know if she was interested in someone. How long have you liked her if you don't mind me asking?"
"Since I was a Jr. She was always smiling and so kind to everyone, ever since I saw her walk into class that day I just...I don't know. I've never felt like that before" he smiled as he said this.
"Got hit by Cupid huh? Keke. Well that would be my best advice Hyungnim, Noona is a kind person and if you're honest with her then you'll know. You can't hide your feelings forever. If you do then someone else might steal her from you and you'll regret it" I said.
"Oetteokhae...I don't even know where to start" he said.
"Just say what you said right now" I smiled.
"Neo michyeosseo? That's embarrassing"
I shrugged. "Then I don't know how to help you"
"Just give me the benefit of the doubt. Ask her if she likes anyone" he pleaded.
"Well alright, I'll try" I said.
"Dongsaeng, you're the best." He smiled.
Once the freshmen had gone home, the student council got together. The teachers got together as well but in a different room to discuss a few things about the learning system and what needed to be improved. Being a substitute teacher I had to be there once the student council meeting was over.
Chanyeol: Today we did good, the guys seemed pretty excited to start.
Our happy virus is one of our Public Relations Director.
"Yes it was. How was it on your end ladies?" I asked.
Koneko: It was wonderful.
Suzy: It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I can already tell that some girls will be a problem.
Suzy is our other Public Relations Director.
Hyeri: I'm sure Koneko can handle it. She's an honorary Cupid, like seriously though the girls you got are definitely some of the worst plastics we've ever had.
Hyeri is our student council secretary.
"They're nice girls" Koneko smiled.
Jungmin: I don't get plastics. They just like attention and strive to be popular right?
And last but not least our treasurer, Jungmin.
Suzy: They're young still, they'll grow out of it but I'm sure Koneko can take care of it. The rest of the girls seemed fine to me, it's good we had volunteers out today cuz those were a lot of newbies.
Hyeri: There were more boys than girls though.
Koneko: 400 boys and 200 hundred girls even.
"Uwa. Only 200 girls? It looked like it was a lot more." I said.
Suzy: There will probably be more toward the middle of the semester, we always get transfer students then.
"Alright. Well let's discuss what activities we need to work on. Once that's over the schedule will be back to normal and we'll be able to rest a little, so let's start with our Public Relations Directors. What do you two have in mind?" I asked.
Chanyeol: This is for spring break right? There's no way we can pull this off in one night. It's too much.
"Correct. It'd be crazy if we did this tomorrow, too last minute and hectic." I said.
We began discussing different activities such as pool parties, dances, picnics, etc. this was so that the students could get to know each other and bond. Then once they're settled in completely and feel comfortable they won't be so insecure. I still had to speak with the principal about all this and she'd have to tell me if it'll be okay, which I'm sure she will. She's always been laid back when it comes to activities.
After a few more minutes discussing and writing down all the details we were finished with the meeting. Even though I hadn't done much today physically, mentally I was exhausted. I still had to go meet with the teachers to discuss a few things then go to my dorm and sort the books I'll be using to substitute.
I yawned.
Man, I can't wait to go to bed once I've completed sorting the books.
I turned around. "Yes?"
Koneko giggled and caught up to me. "You respond so well to 'Oppa', I kinda wish you were older so that I could formally call you that"
"You seem to like the idea of having an older brother huh?" I asked with a smile.
"Yes. I've always wanted an older brother" she smiled back. "But being your Noona is nice too."
I chuckled. "Where you headed too?"
"Well I came to ask you if you were coming to the party" she said. "I feel tired and am debating on whether I should attend. Bum-ssi wants me to go but I'd rather be in bed." She said.
"I would but I have to go sort some books and have a back up lesson plan. Mr. Joo Woojae is feeling a bit sick so he says he's unsure if he'll be here tomorrow. I told him it was fine and to get rest but he said he'd call me to let me know. Regardless I need to be prepared." I said.
"Dongsaeng, you're very smart. You know why everyone likes and admires you?" She asked.
"Hmm?" I looked at her.
"You're not snobby or stuck up like most rich people at this school. You're gentle, kind, sweet, caring and most importantly, humble. You're like the ultimate Prince out of a manga or anime show." She giggled.
"Ani. I'm just me." I said.
"Ani, you're a prince. I find it funny how you just act like its nothing but not in a stuck up way. You actually get a little embarrassed when others acknowledge you and stuff. Embrace it Hoobae but don't get carried away" she smiled.
"Aigoo. Well what about you? You're popular too" I said.
"Not as popular as you" she said. "You're the #1 student AND you're the most recognized throughout all campus. If you ace your finals you'll be the first student to keep a perfect score 3 years in a row. That's hella impressive, you can't say I'm more popular when I've never done that. People remember guys like you"
"You're well know too. You're captain of both varsity volleyball teams, Vice President and well known for that contagious smile of yours" I smiled.
She smiled back. "Yeah but...Jin, you're a pretty special guy. Your parents and in general your family is on the top spot. You're the heir to a 500 million dollar company and look at everything you've accomplished in such a short time. Of course everyone is going to know who you are. You're pretty much a good example for all the rich folk around here...I'm just a smiling face"
She's wrong. The only reason people recognize me is because of my family's wealth and power. That's why everyone tries to be my friend, I've learned to pin point a friend from a fake. Noona on the other hand is someone people remember for her personality and beauty. Sure they may say things like I'm handsome and smart but do they say it only to flatter me? I believe so. I haven't met a single person whom I think is sincere with me, aside from the friends I have now.
"Noona, before I forget. There's something I want to ask you" I said.
"What is it?" She asked.
"Um, don't take this the wrong way" I began. " there anyone you like?" I asked.
Her eyes widened. "Mworago?"
"Is there anyone you like?" I repeated.
She let out a soft laugh. "Andwae. I don't have time for that. Ani."
She shook her head.
"I see. Because I thought you did" I said.
"Baegopa" she said changing the subject.
"Gaja. In exchange for being such a huge help today I'll cook for you." I smiled.
"Ani. You don't have too, I'm just glad the day is over you know? I think I'll just head to my dorm and rest" she smiled. "Gomawo"
"Awe, Wae? I thought you liked my cooking" I said.
"Keurom." She said.
"Then why don't you come over? I'll take you to your dorm afterwards" I said.
She pouted. "Pigonhae~"
"Gajima~" I pouted and did some Aegyo.
"Wae geurae?!" She covered her face.
"Because, I want to thank you properly and cook you a meal" I smiled.
"Aigoo. Jin come on don't do this to me" she said as she sighed.
"Hmm, well you've done a lot about tomorrow then?"
"Ne. Tomorrow I'll definitely be up for it." She smiled. "Anneyong. Don't stay up too late okay? You need to be well rested."
"Ne. I'll see you tomorrow morning at the welcoming ceremony" I smiled back.
"At least the Principal will do all the talking, we just have to look pretty" she said.
"Keke. Yeah, well have a good night Noona." I hugged her.
She hugged me back. "Jal ja Dongsaeng"
I offered to walk her back to her dorm.
"Ani, you have much to do. I'll be fine. Bye~" she said as she walked away.
I waved goodbye and made my way to my dorm.
I stretched out.
"Ah. Finally, I'm all done." I looked at the time. "Omo! 1:15 a.m?!"
I'd better get to bed, the ceremony starts at 9. I need to wake up an hour before to get there on time.
I yawned.
Today was such a busy day...mentally exhausting more than anything. I hope Noona is resting now, she did a lot today. I'm thankful to those who helped too, we couldn't had possibly done it without them.
I got ready for bed and set my alarm for 8:00. I got on my bed and turned off the lamp on the nightstand. Ahh, finally...
I closed my eyes.
I really hope this year is different, I want to meet someone who's lifestyle is different than mine. Someone who is proud of being who they are without a care about what others think, someone who will truly like me for who I am instead of like me for what I have. I really want to fall in love with someone but in a place like this I highly doubt I will. I've thought about just paying someone not that I have too since malt of the girls at this school swear they're in love with me, which I highly doubt. Who would I pay though? Everyone here is rich. A commoner would seem the best way to go but I'm not going to find one here, Not in a place like Blossom Heights.
Oh well...guess I'll have to find some other way to experience what it's like to be a commoner. I'm so fascinated and curious as to how they are, they seem so content even though they don't have what I have. I'd like to know what is it that makes them happy because I know it's something money could never give me. It's almost like a curse, the rich can't buy happiness but they can buy anything they desire. It's materialistic. The commoners have happiness even though they don't have much, they live off love and's like they're more united and loyal than us.
I began to drift off to sleep, still thinking about all these things...still hoping that maybe one day I'd come to understand and learn to appreciate my life as a person rather than depend on the riches I'll inherit when I'm older.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TO BE CONTINUED....
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