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One time, when I was working at a coffee shop, I went on my lunch break to the bagel place a few stores down where the guy in front of me in line for my usual bagel and schmear wouldn't stop talking to me and asking me questions about my life. Because I'm a nice person, I answered his questions and feigned interest in the things he had to say, but then when I got my food, paid, and went to go leave, he actually FOLLOWED ME BACK TO WORK AND CONTINUED TALKING.
My co-workers refused to believe that this is someone I literally just met 10 minutes ago. Because that would be creepy, right? HE WAS SO CREEPY.

Are you always a victim to chatty strangers in line too?

LOL! I call it being a "mutant magnet"... if they can, they will... and wi暮l... and will... (I've found that cross referencing post-industrial labor philosophy and how it correlates with the existential quincunx of metaphysical paradoxic system theory that is the cause for "All of this..." *inserting the nudge to "contemplate all of this"*, and then repeating the nudge, politely, but expectantly - shuts them up every time... (you gotta pick up a few of those psychic tetsu-bishi) lol
and have no license
But then again, I don't go to stores alone since I'm still in HS.
Thankfully I'm not.
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