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As you may know, I have a bit of an addiction to the Love Live franchise. Since this week's Waifu Wednesday theme is Voice Actors, I thought I'd highlight some these lovely ladies!!!

Love Live!! and Love Live Sunshine!! (coming out in July) are two anime series.

The really unique thing about this franchise was that the video game version & the real life girls (their seiyuus perform as the girls, live!!) have bene popular for way before the anime was even released!!

They are incredibly popular in Japan!

This picture is from one of their concerts. Crazy, right?
The anime is popular, but the girls themselves are HUGELY popular. The "final live" of the s1 girls had 2 shows....both of which SOLD OUT TOKYO DOME!!! How crazy is that?! It was an incredibly intense raffle to get tickets (and I sadly failed).

My favorite two voice actresses!!

My favorite two characters are Nozomi & Eli, and I also love their voice actresses, Kussun and Nanjolno!! They're super cute together, and they act just like their characteres.

This is one of my favorite performance by the two of them!

The Love Live Sunshine!! Girls

I don' tknow who will be my favorite yet, but these are all the voice actresses that will be taking on the roles of the Sunshine girls. They'll be doing live concerts & shows just like s1 girls did!! Their group name is "Aquors". S1 group was "Muse"!

Anyways, alllllll of these voice actresses are my waifus for today <3

I'm so inspired by the way they brought these characters to life, and my understanding of the anime characters is definitely also based on the way they were portrated by these amazing girls. Most of them had never doing voice acting before, and are trained more as singers than as voice actresses.

Anyone stick out to you as super special?

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Nico is MINE! lol I love her soooooo much