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Am I the only one who can't help but let out a big WTF?! at everything that's been going on so far this year? We're overdue for some good news.

Tell me something positive, Vingle.

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Well thats good cause I was gonna say that should that monster ever explode the deep south west of California as well as the deep south of the texas/Louisiana area will be safe from its initial and secondary kill zone. You guys, like me, would have to death with the year long ash cloud but would survive. Everything else west of the Mississippi will be gone. But in another note, since your from San Diego are you by any chance a charger fan? They arnt my favorite team but their cool in my book.
@Straightshooter I'm more of a baseball person, but if I HAD TO PICK a football team, I would say Giants because I'm originally from North Jersey. :) What's your team? Also thank you for ensuring my safety. I guess I will have to move to Mexico.
Well technically speaking the whole worlds gonna have too deal with the ash cloud lol but My favorite teams are Baltimore Ravens and Orioles! Since your more into baseball @danidee Im gonna guess your favorite team is either the Yankees or the San Francisco Giants
@Straightshooter THE YANKEES because I'm North Jersey at heart even if I slowly began to lose faith in them after Joe Torre left. The Padres are horrible, but I still go to a lot of Padres games.
Thats cool, and I was soooooooo hoping you'd say it was some other team besides the Yankees lol EWWWWWWWWW LOL :)