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Traveling is hard without guidance, that much I know. I feel them. Especially if you don't speak the language. Still fun as hell though. and it's not impossible. If I can make it in France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland with only me and another girl, then 7 of them should be able to get it hahaha. I have faith in them. Then is them. It's a toss up XD
This is honestly sad and cute at the same time but it's so funny!!!! My poor little babies!!! This is a good learning moment however because this way they learn to depend on themselves as individuals and on each other if they were to get separated from their group members and/or their manager(s) in a different country in the future
its so cute ❤ how can 7 sexy and hot boys also be derp, cute, and funny? they are the definition of perfect ❤
@hgabbard13 it's coming soon from vapp+ you have to use coins to watch it though
What is this from? it looks great!
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