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ok I'm a nerd for RWBY and wow this is the best I've seen from not Roster teeth
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@TroyOwen same but I try to stretch what I can do like a little kid or an old man I've recently convinced an entire lobby of players I was a 12 year or when I was talking to someone and he said I did a damn good wolverine, that's all I'm sayin hope you do well in your dream now I gotta goto sleep buying a new TV tomorrow wish I could get my PS4 that's suppose to go with it TT~TT God Eater wait for me a little longer 馃槶馃槶馃槶
@TroyOwen BTW check out the new spider man game if you haven't already spiderman ps4 is all it is right now looks SPECTACULAR xD
@ZephyrBlaze thank you and good night
@ZephyrBlaze I'm actually looking at trailers right now. XD
I have my own team. Team PHIR pronounced fire