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So I've heard a lot of disagreement with the notion, Non-Asians trying to become Kpop stars. Why is it such a bad thing? I mean, Asians become American stars easily, why can't Americans do the same thing in SKorea? Why not all Non-asians? What's your thoughts on it?
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Well it's just because of the beauty standards. There are non Koreans and mixed Koreans but they're all still Asian there's hardly a kpop star that's not asian
They would (for some reason) still choose the Asian over lets so for example a Hispanic or any other non Asian because of their standards of beauty y
Well , because KPOP is an Asian cultured way of music and non -Asian stars can be different from Asian ones . American pop is very different , different styles , clothing and attitude. People who don't like Kpop like to stay in the American pop culture and kpopers like it cause it's Asian cultured and different style from American pop .
Well if anyone ha heard there will be a international kpop school in South Korea and 70% will be asain foreign countries and 30% Koreans for middle and high school so to me it's possible that some people from the USA may go there I might even go there myself since I'll e in 6th grade next year but I think there will be non Asians (I'm Asian Filipino)
I personally feel like the problem originates with the history of the culture. Saying "there are Asian stars in American culture, so why can't there be other races in Kpop" isn't a very valid argument because the whole American culture is based on being multicultural, since the creation of our nation we've been a mix of cultures. As opposed to Korea who up until the last century or so has been extremely homogenous. Even now, correct me if I'm wrong but I believe less than 3% of people in Korea are not Asian. So I think, at least for me personally, Korea itself needs to become more multicultural and then it's entertainment industry will follow. But is that really a good thing? What if with the influx of new cultures the Korean one is diluted or completely snuffed out? Eventually that will happen to all cultures, but is that okay? Sorry 馃槄 That got deep lol...