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So I've heard a lot of disagreement with the notion, Non-Asians trying to become Kpop stars. Why is it such a bad thing? I mean, Asians become American stars easily, why can't Americans do the same thing in SKorea? Why not all Non-asians? What's your thoughts on it?
i mean I'm American all the way but I'm still trying to become a kpop star. I don't think it'll be easy, but I don't wanna live my life knowing that I didn't try because of my race
@kaonashinofaces I friggin love Dean. I'm gunna just state that lol. But yeah we're just wanting to be apart of something that's becoming big. I don't know about anyone else, but I get extremely happy when I find out that some artist whatever born in America or has taken their time to learn our culture and our language. We accepted them without a problem. America has changed lover the last few centuries. It's time everyone else does too.
Well it's just because of the beauty standards. There are non Koreans and mixed Koreans but they're all still Asian there's hardly a kpop star that's not asian
honestly I think it becasue most America don't know the Koreans cultures. When alot goes to Korean thinking it's like America that they will have a addition. next they on stage. some people that haven't been in kpop that long or barely understand it. Will think they can just join. @XionHeart what you said to was right old people need to accepted but I think that if you going to join kpop make sure you understand their cultures. make sure you know what to do. don't just go over there being an asshole And expect to be a kpop star. plus on top of that Korean is slowing starting to open up to different countries as it is. personally I don't want know non Asian person fucking up kpop. I don't want them taking away what they have. I mean yes this would be a great idea for non Asian.
Honestly I feel like its because of the older, more traditional side of Asia that gets really offended. Just because Asia is very "Americanised" doesn't mean it's going to follow the exact footsteps of America. It still kind of shocks me that some people over in Asia disapprove non Asians becoming popular in Asia.
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