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Hi there Vinglers!! I know I don't post much, but I couldn't let today go by without a post. I'm so happy to call myself an ARMY, even if lately some of us have been acting out too much. But today we forget about that. We are all brought together by these 7 amazing boys, and they've been doing this for 3 years. I have not know them for all 3 years, I won't lie about that. The time that I have known the love of BTS has been amazing. These boys make me feel complete and like I actually fit in somewhere. They are amazing role models and I love them with everything I have. Thank you BTS for being around and keeping us all happy. I can never express how grateful I am for the fact that you guys are here. I have felt so much more comfortable in life and like I might have a future to look forward to after I startled listening to your music. I hope that you continue with your music for a long time and that I can continue to look up to all of you as wonderful human beings. Love you guys so much!!!!!!
*I don't own these images. I'm simply posting them to show my love for the BTS anniversary