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I have done this myself.I have judged people based on the way they carry themselves and the way they talk . I have created impressions about people initially which have turned bizarrely wrong. After I came across this quote and with the experiences I previously had , I realised how wrong I was in doing this. I realised I am no one to comment on someone's looks , someone's accent , someone's dress because every person has the right to express themselves no matter what its like and more over I don't know if I will be able to withstand or go through the struggle that they are fighting everyday in their lives.I am no one to be critical about anyone. Probably they had a rough childhood,faced sexual abuse , domestic violence or tortured to wild extents what they are now it's because of all thay they went through.I am lucky enough to not have been through something like that , but that doesn't give me any rights to comment on some stranger and judge him or her based on their sexuality, fashion sense, religion they practice or anything for that matter. As said in the quote , turn people into trees.No matter how they look you do not judge it because of the fact they are supplier of oxygen our lifeline.Similarly , humans have to be compassionate and loving towards other beings and human self because we need each other to survive ,we are social animals at the end of the day. Do not judge, Live every moment , appreciate them, meet new people and be thankful for what you have.
so true that is..@sophiamor
Preach! Diversity is beautiful, I don't know why we appreciate it in every other example EXCEPT human beings.