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So I'm going to try my hand in doing this fanfic. I was original gonna make it a one-shot but my imagination will not let me shorten it enough to be a one-shot so maybe just a short fanfic maybe three or four chapter IDK. Anyway let me know what you guys think, yeah? Who: Reader X Zhang Yixing (Lay) What: Fluff (I guess) Chapter: 1 Storyline: After Lay suddenly collapses from exhaustion, you make it your duty to make sure he gets some well deserved rest before he goes back to work.
Out of all the years of being an assistant you never saw this coming. He just fell; it happened so quick it took you a moment to comprehend it. You were once an EMT so you had been trained on what signs to look for incase a person needed CPR. Yixing was still breathing so he didn't need it but you had told the boys to call for help anyway. You could hear your boss yelling in the background. He sounded half worried while wondering if he was alright and half upset that he'd passed out in the first place. 'yeah like it was his fault' you thought to yourself. "Is he going to be okay?" Chen asked. You hadn't noticed he had sat down next to you as you kept Yixing company while waiting for the ambulance. Chen was the sweetest member in your opinion. You loved his voice, you thought he was funny, playful and kind; you often told him he was beautiful when you were surrounded by the guys just to hear the others ask if they were as liked by you as Jong-dae was. Their competitive nature around each other was entertaining to you. You were close with all the boys but Min-seok and Jong-dae were the closest. However, even Jong-dae out beat Min-seok; you two had become the best of friends so you knew when he came to your side it wasn't just to check up on Yixing but you as well. You looked to him and nodded, "Yeah I'm sure he'll be fine. He's been working a lot lately, perhaps he's tired." "Then why call the ambulance?" That voice came from your boss and Exo's manager. Sometimes he was as sweet as could be and would do anything for the boys but when he said that you caught the hint of annoyance in his voice. "We need to be sure it's nothing else. Nothing serious." You answered stern but politely. Finally the Ambulance had arrived and you told them everything they needed to know. The rest of the guys wanted to go along to make sure he was okay but they had to finish up their work, manager's orders. Sometimes he was an absolute dick. You had been pacing back and forth waiting for the recording of the show to be done so that you could go to the hospital and see him. You never worried so much in your life; you were even biting your nails, a habit you had broken a year ago but now it seemed to come back without fail. The show ended and you hurried to your car and the boys piled in the back. You used to hate the giant SUV; it was only because you could ride with all the members that you eventually gave into it. You guys arrived at the hospital and both you and the manager went to talk to the doctor while the boys went to visit Yixing. "He simply collapsed from exhaustion, we haven't found anything serious. Although I do want to keep him here over night just incase and I strongly suggest giving him sometime to rest." The doctor said. "Sometime to rest, huh? You think a week should be good enough?" You said. The doctor smiled noticing you giving an evil eye to the manager who looked like he was about to argue against that. "A week should be fine, keep him off his feet, make sure he gets plenty of rest and that he's eating well. Malnutrition can make him weak too." "Thank you Doctor." You said giving him a smile. You turned to the manager and said, "Well you heard him, a weeks worth of rest. Doctors orders." "That was a dirty trick Y/N and it was merely a suggestion." "I can't believe you would even consider making him work after this anyway. He collapsed from exhaustion, do you even know what that means? His tank's on empty, there's no fuel left in him, he is exhausted. He needs some rest and that means more than a day. Look I know I'm your assistant but you put me in charge of the boys well being for a reason and I'm good at it. I've taken care of them for years so will you just trust me on this? There isn't anything too major going on during this week and the boys can easily handle the promos with out him. Lay needs to rest so just let him." The manager sighed, you were always good at reasoning with people especially him. When he was being irrational, you could handle him. When he was yelling at the boys because he was stressed and taking it out on them, you put him in his place. He always listened to you. You gave a quick bow and thanked him when he finally expressed that he was giving in. You made your way to Yixing's room, when you walked inside you saw Jong-in and Kyung-soo sitting next to each other on one side of Yixing's bed. They were tired themselves, you could see it on their faces and it looked like Kai was dozing off already. Sehun was on his phone with the tip of his thumb in his mouth and one ear phone in his ear. Chanyeol and Baekhyun were whispering to each other by the window while Jong-dae and Min-seok sat on the other side of Yixing's bed. The only one you didn't see in the room was Jun-myeon. You walked up to Chen placing a hand on his shoulder. "Where's Suho?" you asked. Chen looked up and whispered, "He went to get something to drink." You simply nodded and focused your attention on Yixing sleeping. He was so beautiful, you had had huge a crush on him for so long. You saw his chest moving up and down and despite the seemingly dead silence in the room you could hear not only the boys hushed whispers but the sound of Lay breathing. That gave you some comfort to see him so relaxed. You looked up at the guys and said, "Alright let's go, Kai's already falling asleep. I'll stop by to pick up Yixing tomorrow." The guys nodded and headed out one by one. Min-seok stopped Jun-myeon as he was walking back and told him they were going home. Kyung-Soo shook Jong-in to wake him up and get him out of the room. You gave him a little pouty face as he looked at you sleepy and rubbing his eyes. He seemed to give you a pout right back which only made you smile. You took one look back at his sleeping face, you wondered when you started to feel this way about him. It was probably the first time you saw him cry. He was alone in the practice room; you couldn't recall where the boys were at when it happened but you remember looking for him. You had gotten close to all the boys at that point but Yixing still hadn't come around to you. Often the boys would joke and say that you're a huge flirt because you'd cling to them sometimes. You'd kiss their cheeks and grab their faces to make weird faces at them. You were playful with all of them but Yixing always seemed to not like you. Or rather he would distance himself from you, once he let you hug him but after that he got distant again. You couldn't figure him out but that day you saw him cry your heart broke. Not even knowing why he was crying you wrapped your arms around him and you started petting his head. You felt him hesitantly wrap his arms around you and continue crying, his sobs were soft and barely audible but he had allowed himself to cry in front of you. That was the first moment you realized you always wanted to be by his side, you wanted to be the shoulder her cried on, the one he confessed his fears, doubts and worries to. You wanted to be his one and only. You wanted to be the one he loved but how could you express that to him? He was an idol, loved by many and you were an assistant that, despite your unintentional flirting, was known to the other members as eomma Y/N. You sighed and turned around to leave. "Y/N" You heard your name called and turned around to see Yixing still asleep in bed, his head turned slightly like he had moved in his sleep. Your heart raced, 'Is he dreaming about me?' You blushed but hurried out of the room to catch up with the guys. Jong-dae grabbed your face before you got into the drivers side. "Y/N are you okay your face is kind of red and your hot." You were still blushing from hearing Yixing call your name in his sleep and whenever you got too embarrassed you'd heat up, people often thought you were catching a fever. You smiled at him anyway and said, "I'm fine Chen thanks." You dropped the guys off at the house, you normally stayed over, bunking with jong-dae or Min-seok, which ever one said you could sleep next to them first. Jong-dae was normally the first one to say it. You got the feeling Min-seok preferred sleeping in bed alone anyway. Tonight though you just wanted to be home in your bed alone. When you woke up the next morning, you called Jong-dae and told him to get the boys up and make sure they were all ready on time. This was a normal routine. Chen would be the first to be woken up then Xiumin. After that, they would proceed to wake up the others in pairs. You set up this buddy system to make sure that the guys were on top of each other when they woke up it made everything move faster. The ones that were hardest to wake up were the ones that were woken up first. It took a while but the system worked well. You got to the hospital and walked into Yixing's room seeing him slipping his white shirt on. You walked into the room and said, "Sorry, I didn't even think to knock. You want me to wait outside for you?" "You're alright Y/N I'm dressed." "Good let's go." You walked out of the room and down the hall slightly faster than him. You two reached the car and once you were both inside you turned to him. He was looking at you as if he was trying to figure something out about you. You raised your eyebrows wondering what he was thinking but didn't dare ask. "So um, you have the rest of the week off. I want you to stay at home and get some rest. I'll come check up on you after I get the boys to the studio." "Wait what? Why am I getting time off?" He asked surprised. "Well, Lay you fainted. You were that exhausted don't you think you deserve sometime off?" "I slept all night I should be fine, I can go to the studio." "No Yixing," you were now speaking sternly. You eomma mode was now coming out as you held up a forefinger like you were scolding him. "Doctors orders, you need your rest. So you're going to go home and de-stress and I'll come back to check up on you. Okay?" Yixing nodded he didn't dare argue with you. To have a week off in the middle of their promotion period he knew you must've had to force the manager to let that happen. He thanked you and you smiled, you slightly pinched his cheek while saying, "I take care of my boys." That was your life motto. The members were like your children sometimes and you went back and forth between spoiling them and scolding them. All the members knew your motto and they appreciated you because of the work you put in. Even if you couldn't say you loved him, you could at the very least show him you cared a lot about him. That was your job: take care of your boys.
Okay, so I know this didn't have a lot of Lay speaking in it but this is the first chapter so there's gonna be more interactions with them. Lay will talk more I promise I have a plan I'm just trying to execute it properly lol.
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