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If Animes for children Why is there Mature Content on most of them and mostly children don't care about Anime until they see it at teen or never for that matter it ticks me off when people make fun of me cause I watch it .
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Anime is for all to watch. Some are inappropriate (Soul Eater for example) and some are appropriate (Naruto for example). It just depends on the genre of anime and the maturity level of it; not to mention the interest of the viewer. Kuroyukihime knows this for sure!
"A nime is for children" "Watch Kampfer, Boku no Pico, and Corpse party then say that"
all these. points r true 馃槉
@pervysagex Same here... I'm 46. @DeaconPeck. I let the kids watch FMA & Brotherhood with me last week, no way I'm letting them watch Highschool DxD & Walkure with me tho. I think the only people who think it's for kids are those who. have never watched it.
FMA is one of the suitable ones. It's a gateway anime that is approved for all ages. From what I've heard of High School DxD, it is likely not kid appropriate.