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While walking on a dirt path not taken by many travelers I approached an dying ninja, who told me to "follow my destiny" and pointed me in the direction of a near by town. In this town bathing in moonlight I find a ghoul cowering in fright in a field covered in fog who asked me to kill his master, a vampire! A cracking "Kaaa" shot through the night's air, as a crow perched a top a dried almost lifeless husk of a tree. My eyes , the eyes of a boy out on a journey of fame and fortune set out to become a man catch a glimpse. The figure is roughly 10 yards away and getting closer. whomever the figure is they are not trying to reveal themselves, purposely walking in the shadows of buildings along the road towards me and this unknown ghoul. "It's him!" screamed the ghoul. "He who walks in the shadows of night" is all the ghoul could say before running off, assuming to find another hiding spot. Turning back to the figure walking towards me, I began to notice the the figure a man's figure I could make out as he draws closer. Something is off he doesn't walk like a man he walks with the presence of a beast, he walks so proud shoulders swaying back in forth as if pushing the air effortlessly. I stare as he draws closer, then I blink. Upon opening my eyes the figure had closed the distance by 6 yards, but how that fast? Standing no more than seven feet from me the figure stopped, the air went stale the the moisture from my eyes began to dry. "What is your fate boy!" are the first words he speaks. I reply "Same as my father and his father before him, to die on my feet fighting." knowing if I drew my blade now I'd be a dead man before my story was even told. "So you seek an honorable death?" "No." I shouted. I have seen too many honorable deaths and I don't wish the same for me. At this point I thought to myself reach for your sword, but it was already too late. The creatures arm extended so fast I could not react. With one swift motion his left hand pierced my chest. "With your past breath boy, tell me what you seek? if it is not honor." Spitting my own blood from my mouth I spoke my final words. "I seek power" "Selfish" said the man "I seek power, so no more honorable men have to leave home like my father and his before him" "I have touched your spirit, and saw your soul burning behind your eyes" "With this death boy rejoice you will be reborn, not in the image of a honorable man but as he who knows only truth." My eyes are too heavy to keep open My legs are weak I fall is this the end? It's hot burning like high noon, is this death? I awake slowly opening my eyes to a bright sun. Have a laid in this field all night?.... Did... I... die? A hands grabs mine and helps pull me to my feet. I look up to my surprise the hand belongs to the old ninja a saw yesterday. "Welcome back my lord" he spoke in a kind tone "Thanks, but I'm no lord" I reply "Oh but you are now the lord of all lords, king of kings" he says then smiles Looking down at no chest there was no blood or wound. how could this be? Turns out there was no vampire last night, but worse a demon. I was told by the ninja over a much needed meal that, boot only was I killed by a demon but I was also kissed by an angel that night. The angel was touched by by my tragic end. The ninja spoke of how she gracefully swept down from the skies driving off the demon with a divine arrow placed in his back. He went on to recall how she fluttered down beside where I laid, resting my head on her lap. One kiss is all it took he said, as her lips touched mine a spark so bright sprung forth that for that one instance the flash of light was so bright even the stars in the night sky grew jealous. In the moment I was reborn as no being before me but as a... God To answer the question I choose God.
Any as long as it means I can go into an anime
all of them I can't choose
I can't choose between ghoul or ninja but when I die in an anime I'll go to another anime Tokyo ghoul
long Answer lol πŸ˜‚ and I like the thought of being a god too! but I'm more of a Demon person
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