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YouTube channel GizmoSlip has earned itself a pretty solid following thanks to their repeated cellphone stunts. Every week, they drop an iPhone, iPads, and other popular electronics off the side of a building, but pad them with random objects like Play-Do or gummy worms.

Ever want to know what happens when you put an iPhone 6S into a fresh pineapple? There's a YouTube for that.

So this week, the GizmoSlip team decided to try an iPhone 6S inside of one of Subway's famous $5 Foot-Longs. And while nine times out of 10, their experiments end in complete ruin, I was actually surprised to see the final results.

The iPhone survived - with only a small crack on the lower corner of the screen!

As Monty Python's Black Knight once said, "Tis but a flesh wound."
The moral of the story here is if you ever drop your phone off a 100-foot tall building, make sure you've wrapped it in your lunch first.

What other materials do you think a phone could survive in if someone dropped it off a building?

Personally, I think it'd do pretty well wrapped in tons of chewed-up bubble gum!
i just really want a Subway sandwich now
Ha! Found my new phone case! Subway here I come! 馃槅馃槅 Have they tried it inside a stuffed toy? Maybe that would work ... maybe more embarrassing to carry around than the sandwich though.
@TerrecaRiley I thought so too. I would like one of those phones lol.
@danidee lucky
these guys waste a lot of food and money on this crap!!
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