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What in the world could it be?


OMG! It's Pikachu~~!!

(bet you didnt' see that one coming, lol)
Really though, I love these socks! These are going to have to be friends with my Sailor Mars socks, which I also love :D
馃幎 A Pikachu snuck in your shoe. Socre bleu! A Pikachu? A Pikachu snuck in your shoe; oh my, lucky you! 馃幎
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I'm obsessed with socks! I have some Naruto ones that are a little taller than your Pikachu ones! 馃槏
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@hikaymm Thank you! Thank you! *bows*
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I guessed it was Pikachu when I saw the two eyes peeking!
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Cute :))
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