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If you didn't already know,

FFXV is getting an anime as sort of a world buildling show to watch before the actual game comes out. Episode 1 came out a while back, and episode 2 will be out at 1pm PDT on June 14th!!

Who's ready?!

Here's episode 1 if you missed it!

I'm kind of obsessed with all the world buildling that is going into greating this new game. Will it FINALLY bring us back to what I've been missing in the series?

Annnnnd one gameplay trailer

because I just can't get enough!!
hmm nc
I'm ok with the episode but I want the game I had soooo much fun with the demo
@mufasapetersen give it a chance before u say that
@hikaymm thank you for sharing. i had just went to see if the second part was up yet like a week ago
@mufasapetersen I agree that FF is like....different than it is, but all things change and I'm willing to see if this can pull it back to the top tier level it should be in terms of stoey that the series already is in terms visuals and battle