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If you pay attention to the world of beauty gurus and beauty bloggers, you might have seen this video, but damn. This is soooooooo intense!
I don't usually get into watching drama, but I do care about supporting companies & personalities that are worth supporting since I put a lot of money into my makeup, and this is just....yeah.

Here's the video by Stephanie!

It's so long, so there's just a few things she wanted to highlight here:
1) His products aren't that great, but to each their own. If you like them, you like them, but there are problems.
2) He's a bully! He's said really hateful things, tried to cover them up, etc, etc.
3) Supporting his brand means supporting him. You can try to say separate product & personality, but he is nasty.
I totally recommend watching it though ESPECIALLY if you support his brand!!! I know everyone makes mistakes, but I can't deal with this kind of thing, so I won't be buying form him.

I actually saw Jeffree once at Warped Tour,

and it was totally terrifying (not in a good way!!!!) and I know I'm not the only one who has had a not so great experience around him....He says he's super humble, but acts the opposite. I don't expect someone in his standing as a celebrity / kind of rich guy to be super humble, but he can't pretend to be both. He tells people that they can criticize him "when their bank accounts match" but also that he's "totally humble." You just can't have both!!!

Jeffree may be entertaining to some, but I'll continue to pass on his products.

Dupes exist for a reason :)
nope, i have never liked him or his makeup. there are better out there for wayyy cheaper. I never bothered to get to know him, I was just not interested, so this helps lol
@MadAndrea LOL totally agree!!! I mean usually I can respect what people do even if I dont' like it, but in his case, its like he tries to be dramatic & difficult just for the hell of it.
He raps with Deuce and honestly, his lines are fucked up as hell. He'll take a mature song to an explicit and nasty song in five words. His voice is annoying too. I don't know his make up, I just know his music. There's several songs that would be a lot better sans-Jeffree