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Celty x Shinra - Durarara!!

These two are so cute and would do anything for each other! Shinra has been in love with Celty ever since she first arrived in Japan when he was only a child, and eventually, she fell in love with him, too. He understands her like no one else, and he's the one thing that she is afraid to lose. They make me smile! <3

Honorable Mentions

Okay, so I had to tread softly here because I think there can be a bit of a gray area when considering whether a couple is canon. For example, we all know the big Fairy Tail ships are real, but I'm sure which were legitimately 100% officially canon, if any. So I think these are my top ships that are undeniably canon.

Naruto x Hinata - Naruto

So, I haven't actually checked out any of the movies yet, and they're not really canon where I am, but I know at some point they become canon! Hinata believed in Naruto and cheered him on when no one else did. I actually started shipping this back at one of the fillers in the original Naruto series, I think, seeing them on a mission together or something; something just clicked for me (first gif, I'm pretty sure that's when it happened). I'm kinda sad that we don't see much of Hinata, because I love her, and you probably know how I can't get over the Pain arc when she stepped up to defend Naruto. I always love seeing them together, and I can't wait to see how their relationship develops!

Edward x Winry - Fullmetal Alchemist

I don't even know what to say about these two! They complete each other! The scene where they became official always gets to me for multiple reasons, the first of course being the way their confessions kinda came out! They're both such dorks, and I love them! I actually gasped when he pulled her in for that hug and saw how much he'd grown! This is probably one of my favorite scenes in all of anime!

Jaune x Pyrrha - RWBY

One of my favorite things to come out of volume 3 was Arkos becoming canon (nevermind what happened after that; we're not gonna talk about that)! They're so adorable and perfect together! If only Jaune had gotten a clue sooner...

Seras x Pip - Hellsing Ultimate **SPOILERS**

I'll try to keep this short since I already featured this pair in my Day 8 card. Of my top 3 OTPs, which you can see in said card, this is the one that I'm most certain is actually canon, though I'm only 99.99999999% sure, tbh! Seras and Pip were both badly injured in an attack; Seras had lost her arm and eyes and was emotionally shattered, and, trying to save her, Pip found himself on death's door. After finally stealing a kiss from Seras, he demanded that she drink him into herself so that they could win the battle together. Dead but not gone, he exists inside her forever, her protective shadow, pushing her buttons and giving her a kick in the pants when she needs it (about 3 min into that video: that's what I'm talking about! <3).
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I LOVE YOUR CHOICES! Especially Shinra x Celty <3
@HunnaBallue Thank you😊
I love love love when Ed and Winry are finally officially!!!!! I actually saw this scene first which got me to binge watch FMA brotherhood. They are so cute, man I forgot they are one of my favorite anime couples
I really wanna rewatch Fullmetal Alchemist now.. 😍
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