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The Carrie Diaries has found its Samantha! Lindsey Gort has landed the role of the outspoken Samantha Jones!.. I think she has that huge similarity with Kim Catrall! I'm excited for season 2, now that Samantha is gonna be there!.. XD
Oh wow! I can't wait to see her as samanthaO_O wonder how that will be like......
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@PiuPiuPENGUIN they look so similar, aren't they??.. I think they made a good choice!
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@shoenami i agree they do look similar! she has some big shoes to fill but i think she's do well!
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@leecatlee HUGE shoes to fill.. Kim Catrall has made Samantha one of the most memorable character on TV.. the pressure of that! almost as relevant as Carrie's character..
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