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Genre: angst, spy/mafia Pairing: Yoongi x reader Warning: swearing and some scenes of intimacy
~your dream~ You were in front of Xiumin once more. "It's fine I want to escape Woozi's mind games. They're slowly killing me!" It wasn't exactly what you remember him saying but it seemed pretty accurate. "Why? What does this Woozi do?" You asked, trying to get as much information out of the man in front of you before you killed him. "He told me that Y/L/N's organisation were the bad guys. He forced me to watch these things that I didn't believe. It drove me insane, there's no way the ones who trained me where the bad guys" You nodded, encouraging him to go on. "I told him that he was insane but he told me that if I was going back to Y/L/N then he'd kill me for being a traitor. I was going to die anyway, I at least want to die knowing the truth" You nodded again, his last request was reasonable. "My father is an evil man and therefore he is the traitor and those who blindly follow him are also traitors" The man looked up at you with a smirk stuck on his face, "doesn't that make you a traitor?" You pulled the gun and no more words were said, the man before you was laying dead on the floor.
You woke up in such a state that you nudged something beside you so hard that it moaned. "Bad dream sweetie?" Yoongi's voice called out tiredly. You checked the time, it was 3:30. Peering down at the body beside you, you noticed how his arms were wrapped around your waist even though you were almost sat bolt upright. There was a small blob of sweat on your forehead - probably from tossing and turning. "Yoongi?" "Mhm." He groaned. He didn't even open his eyes he was so tired. "Are we on the right side?" He rolled slightly, "I think so. I mean when we thought we were, we actually weren't so..." He stopped mid sentence but didn't bother to carry on. You were debating this over and over in your head. Was your father really that cold hearted? Was he so business driven that anything else that stood in his way had to be disposed of? You decided not to bother finding a definite answer out yet as you settled back down beside Yoongi. His hands rose up from your waist and rested at the small part of your back. He brought you in closer to his body. His heart beat sending you into a deep sleep. Except, this time the sleep was better, there weren't any horrid nightmares.
Only a few hours later from when you last woke up, you felt Yoongi's presence slip from your grasp. "Gi?" You managed to speak, though your throat was dry and a tiny bit sore. "Morning sweetie, I was just going to make us some breakfast ok?" You nodded and yawned simultaneously. You watched over as he put on a baggy hoodie and some loose shorts before he left the room. Once his footsteps faded, you turned over to where Yoongi had been laying and basked in the remaining scent he had left. It was amazing! There's no other way to describe it really, just amazing. That's when you remembered the words you had muttered before going to sleep, "yes Yoongi, I love you". Your heart fluttered as you thought more about the boy you loved and how he was a great protector. Some time later, a knock at the door came. It obviously wasn't Gigi as he would have just walked straight in. You reached out to grab some clothing and found Yoongi's oversized shirt that you wore before. 'Maybe I'll just steal this shirt one day' you thought as you put it on while walking to the door.
You opened it to find a rather taken back Woozi. He rubbed the back of his neck, he had obviously noted that you were only wearing this shirt that came down to the middle of your thighs. "Y/N just wondering how you were." He paused then corrected himself, "how you and Min are" You smiled back. 'At least I can escape Woozi's mind numbing games' And with that thought your smile faded. The man before you was caring and considerate (although he did kidnap you), his intentions have always been good. Could he really be manipulative like Xiumin had suggested? "Fine thanks Woozi, the room is really cosy as well!" His little eye smile brightened up your day, he may be a kind of Mafia leader but he was certainly a cute little guy. "Good, I'm glad you two are settled. Zelo arrived quite early last night but then again we were talking until gone 1." "Find out much from him?" "A lot!"
You invited Woozi into the room and Yoongi was still out making breakfast. You opted to sit on the bed while he perched on the sofa chair opposite. "Go on then." He sighed, "what?" "What did Zelo say about that prick?" He looked slightly shocked by your comment, all you wanted to know was what information he had found out. "That prick happens to be your father!" "He's also the man who wanted me dead, Woozi!" There was a pause, your point was fair enough and he had to except that. His sighs were becoming frequent. "Y/L/N had already started preparing the training process for new recruits. So, we are going to launch an attack before he can even attempt to train these kids properly. Zelo suggests that we scale the building in order to kill the trainees." The door creaked open as Gigi walked in with a tray full of food. "Place it here babe, Woozi is just telling me some information he got from Zelo!" Weirdly, he did exactly as you said. "Anyway," Woozi continued, "we were hoping to gather a group in order to scale the building and wondered if you two would be up for it?!" Yoongi opened his mouth to speak but you cut him off, "as long as I get to be the one to shoot the bastard"
Both guys looked at you in utter shock. You were a killer for god's sake, it wasn't anything out of the extraordinary. "Ur.. I'll definitely think about it" "Please do!" Woozi exited the room and Yoongi finally got his chance to speak, "Are you alright sweetie?" "Yeah why?" You said in a sassier tone than you originally intended. "You want to kill your own blooming father that's why!" "Yoongi, he would have killed us. He's a traitor, he deserves to die" Neither you nor Yoongi had seen you act this angry but at least you had a decent reason to be. He slowly nodded as if he accepted what you said. "Anyway, I brought us breakfast, we might as well eat it!" He moved the tray onto the bed as he came to perch beside you. You tucked into the bacon sandwich and forgot for a minute about your father. In this moment, you just wanted peace. The calm before the storm...
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