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If they neve met would natzu ever find lisanna? And get with her
I believe he would since he did love her first but yet again I'd still hate her
Oops nvm
I'm cool with that
If Natsu never met Lucy, Lucy would've never obtained the other Gold Gate Keys, the 1st Fairy Tail Guild hall would have never been destroyed by Phantom Lord, Levy would've never met Gajeel, Juvia would've never met Gray, Ultear would've never opened most of the main members second origin, and Fiore probably would've been destroyed by dragons. So yeah, good thing Natsu met Lucy.
@tanianaya AHHHHHH... you're killing me first of all, Natsu would probably be dead and second, FAIRY TAIL WOULDNT EXIST IF NATSU AND LUCY HADN'T MET SO THIS POST IS AT FAULT , and third Natsu would've still not felt romanticly about Lissana because she would've still been in Edolas and Lucy didn't really interfere with Natsus "love" life towards Lisanna because he hasn't completely realized his feelings
@mayarich03 I was going to leave this alone but I can't. Fairy Tail is an established guild FAR before Lucy joined so what the hell are you even talking about? "Fairy Tail wouldn't exist if natsu hadn't met Lucy?
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