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Genre: angst, spy/mafia Pairing: Yoongi x Reader Warning: swearing and some scenes of intimacy
Unlike with other missions, you weren't given a training day. Woozi just ran through the plan, he seemed to know how much training you and your team had been through. You entered the meeting room and sat down in the chair nearest to where Woozi was presenting. There was still a bit of a gap between where you sat and where he was stood but at least it gave you both some breathing space. Yoongi planted himself next to you and the rest of your team sat on the same side of the room as you. Yoongi then Taehyung, Jungkook, Junior, Jackson, Amber then finally Hoshi. There were many other people in the room, a couple of which you roughly knew. Hoseok and Mark you knew. There were two boys there that you vaguely recognised but couldn't really name. Luckily, you were all wearing name tags. You identified them as Namjoon and DK. The others were GD, Kai, Krystal, Chen, Taeil, Jiyoon and at the end was Zelo, the man who took your room.
You tried not to faze out during Woozi's presentation but found yourself aimlessly staring at Yoongi's fingers tapping a rhythm on the table. "Sweetie you need to listen" Gigi whispered in your ear. "Can't you just brief me about it later" you whispered back. You really couldn't be bothered right now, however interesting Woozi claimed it would be. "Fine but pay attention in this last half ok?" You did as you were told and actually noted in your mind what Woozi was saying. You were going to be put in a group with only a few members of your original team. This was mainly for security reasons so that no one would suspect that you were all still alive. Fortunately, you and Yoongi were put together along with Jungkook and Hoshi. Apart from that, the rest were from Woozi's lot. Jiyoon, Chen, Taeil, Kai and Krystal were the others.
The meeting had finished and slowly people were filing out. You immediately made your way towards Woozi. "Are you not joining the attack then?" He shook his head, "I'm not keen on field work" Shame. You turned around and headed towards Yoongi's side. "D'you know why Woozi doesn't do field work?" The pair of you walked back to your room. Once you were inside, he finally answered your question. "He accidentally shot one of his best friends while on a mission. He's never regretted anything more than that!" You bit your lip, personally you couldn't imagine killing your best friend. This was mostly because you've never really had one, considering your line of work, there was never really a decent time to have a best friend in your life. That's when your thoughts turned to Jungkook. What if you shot him while on this mission? You could end up like Woozi. The only difference really is that you've seen a handful of your friends die and so maybe it wouldn't bother you as much.
You jumped onto the bed and spread yourself out, engulfing as much of the duvet as possible. Yoongi nudged you to move over but you just stayed put. "Come on Y/N, I need some room too!" He whined. You still didn't budge. That was until you felt his whole body weight press on top of you. "Get off Yoongi, you're sooo heavy" you begged. He remained laying directly on top of you, his form crushing yours into the duvet. "Only if you move over and give me some room" You nodded slowly and he scrambled off of you. Moving over, he skidded over to sit beside you so you were leant up against him. His arm weaved its way behind your back which pulled you closer to him. "Wanna get some sleep yet?" He asked. "Why what did you have in mind?" You raised your eyebrow curiously. He obviously read your mind. "I actually wasn't thinking of that as an option. I was going either a snuggle or watch a film but... If that's what you want, I'm not complaining!" You smiled, knowing that you had the power over the situation. However, you also knew that this was one of your last nights together before the mission. Although you were planning to stick by his side, you wanted to make sure you enjoyed his presence as much as you could in case worse came to worse.
After you were sure that Yoongi was in a deep sleep, you snuck out the room and went to find Jungkook. You knocked on the door to his room. "Come in!" He yelled. You slowly creaked open the door, "kook?" "Little boss! You alright?" "Yeah... I want you to do me that favour you said you'd do for me" He looked a tiny bit confused but you were determined to make him listen. Before he could say anything, you spoke up. "I want you to look after Yoongi, make sure he stays alive after this mission and that he looks after himself afterwards" "O-okay, why? Are you planning on getting killed?" "No I just-" "So that means you are fucking Yoongi then?" He was smirking while you were blushing harder than you ever have before. "I just want you to protect him" "So 1. You didn't answer my question and 2. You want me to protect the guy that's going to be protecting you?" "Yeah." He just chuckled to himself as you wondered what was so funny. "He's gonna be all over you, wouldn't be the first time, but I won't be able to get anywhere near him" You smacked him in the arm, "shut up, just promise me ok?" He nodded which made you sigh in relief. Yoongi was going to live no matter what happened to you.
After a moment of comfortable silence and chilling in each other's company. Your head was resting in his lap, with a cushion between your head and his legs of course. He was playing with your hair while you were playing with his shirt. "You never answered my question!" He broke the silence. "Mhm?" "Are you and Yoongi fucki-" "Why are you even asking me that?" "Because you haven't given a fuck about him until recently, you hated him. Now all of a sudden you seem to be up each other's arses. That's why!" You giggled while letting go of his shirt slowly, "do you really wanna know?" You looked up at him to see him nod. "Yeah... Okay we are, happy?" "I'm perfectly fine with it, I mean you seem to be" "Shut up!" You smacked at his chest. "Why him though?" You debated this within your head for a long time. Why had you chosen Yoongi? After all, you were closer to Jungkook than you've ever been to Yoongi. Yet, somehow you'd always liked Gigi, there were always certain aspects of him that you'd liked. "He's just... Been there. Always. I can't really explain it. He truly loves me and I just love him like he's meant for me."
There was a soft sound of gritting teeth. His hand released the strand of hair he was playing with. The atmosphere suddenly got tense. "But... I love you like you were my fucking sister!" He murmured. "What are you jealous that I'm fucking the old favourite?" "As long as it's safe I don't give a damn about that. Just don't say that he's the only one who cares about you!" "Alright sassy, calm down! I know you care about me, we look out for each other right?" He slowly nodded. "There we go Jeon." It fell silent once more, a nice silence. "Better get some sleep little boss, big day tomorrow hm?!" You sighed, you had gotten way too comfortable. "Fine!" Just before you walked out the door Jungkook called your name. He tossed you a small wrapper. You stared down at it, a condom really? You turned around to give him the sassiest 'really?' face in the world. "What? You've got the mission tomorrow, just want you to stay safe!" You pocketed it and walked out the door, "night Jeon!"
At least kookie is looking out for her but I feel like deep down inside he loves her in a romantic way
Oh my god I thought it was over! Oh my god and this is a love triangle! Oh my heart heart is... Oh my god 馃樀馃樀馃樀
@MrsChanyeol that's wat i was thinking and honestly it hurts... I can't deal with love triangles, I either hate them or myself馃槀
I love all the characters in this story but I seriously thought the story was finished
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