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What's up guys, John here. This week KpopINT is gong to r focusing on our female idols in South Korea. I've decided to start some appreciation with LE from EXID. An awesome rapper with lots of skills. She definitely needs some recognition.
Real Name: Ahn Hyojin Birth Date: December 10, 1991 Main Rapper in girl group EXID


LE(pronounced as Elli) made her debut as a rapper with the underground rap group "Jiggy Fellaz". In 2011, she signed a contract with Gamgak entertainment. Later she released "When You Play That Song", a duet with Huh Gak. LE made her official debut with EXID in 2012.

Solo Activities:

May 2012: LE collaborated with Gavy NJ on their song, "Don't Call Me". February 2013: LE had collaborated with B2ST's Junhyung and Big Star's Feeldog in a project group and released a single, "You Got Some Nerve"(19+) July 2014: LE was featured in Hyuna's mini-album "A Talk" and helped write the lyrics for the songs "French Kiss" and "Blacklist". September 2014: LE was featured in T-ARA's mini-album "And & End" and her vocals were used in their title track Sugar Free as well as its remixes.
her part in "You've got some nerve" is prob my fave rap from her. I listen to that song just to hear her rap at the end! 😀
Black list was my jam!!!