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Hey guys!! Glad to see you like this story so much!! Chapter 1 http://www.vingle.net/posts/1630959?shsrc=v That's the first chapter for those of you that weren't able to read it. With that out of the way, let's get on with the next chapter!!
Chapter 2: First Impressions... ---------------------- You gulped and opened the door; nervous as to what you would find... But the apartment was empty... And messy - which gave a brilliant first impression of the occupants. But then again these were 12 boys - you had to give them some lee-way of the upkeep of their living space - perhaps they were in a rush to leave, which was understandable with the busy schedules that they had. But you sighed, knowing it would be your job to clean this mess up, and cleaning wasn't exactly your favorite thing to do... The main living area had books and DVDs scattered on the table, and to the right was the kitchen; which was kept remarkably tidy for boy standards at least. The apartment was south facing so the sun shone in through the open windows and curtains; giving a nice homey air to the relatively small flat. You walked over to the bathroom; feeling a little bit put out that there was only one, knowing that sharing a bathroom with 12 males would prove to be... interesting? You had completely forgot, and just remembered that you would be living with a senior female manager; sharing a room with her in the dorm until you got the swing of things with the boys, and learning how to take care of stuff like paying the bills. Then, once you were settled in; you'd be put to the test once you were left alone with these boys. You decided to lug your suitcase further down the hall and into the room which was obviously yours as it was pretty much empty. Once you had used the bathroom and freshened up; curiousityhad taken the best of you; so you analysed the other rooms... The first bedroom closest to yours was very tidy and ordered for most of the room; except for one bed which had a few clothes strewn on top and a guitar resting against it. There was something like a large stick made of bamboo, resting on another bed; you could see some snacks poking out from under the sheets... The next bedroom was plain messy; clothes were thrown about everywhere - this was more of a boys room you thought rolling your eyes. The second last room was half neat and half mess; two of the beds were in lovely condition; whereas dirty clothes gathered in a pile at the end of another bed. With little hope left, you walked into the last room to find a football (not American football BTW) on a shelf and a basketball, as well as a row of facial creams on another shelf and a guitar resting against a bed. It looked quite inviting and friendly. You breathed in another deep sigh before rolling up your sleeves and decing to tidy up a little so you would have less to do later, but before you could roll up the next sleeve; your buzzer rang; signalling you were needed back. You rushed out the apartment without another glance jumped into your "happy" driver's car, and back to SM even if you could have properly walked the distance. ------------------------------------------ You walked into the building; immediately being swept up by a noona manager who was waiting for you at the entrance. "This is the practice room; go in and introduce yourself and start working." She ordered before opening the practice room door and pushing you in slightly. You walked in a little nervous, unable to look around properly for the first few steps. There was little chatter and the atmosphere was dead serious. You looked up... and it was not what you expected at all. Of course they didn't look like idols; there were 12 dangerously thin boys and a few other members of staff; the majority of the boys were unsmiling and on the verge of passing out from fatigue. It was weird knowing they were your age or a year or two older; you'd never seen anyone within your age group look so focused and terrified at the same time - it reminded you of an army boot camp. All of them looked pretty much the same to you at first glance since they all had jet black hair in the classic bowl hair cut style, and the same frame physically. But when you actually started to look closer, there were small distinguishing characteristics that could set a few apart. There were two that were incredibly tall; one of the tall ones looked over your way and gave a toothy smile before nudging another shorter one and whispering something. Another guy literally looked like a girl with long black hair and very pretty features; he pouted a lot. Then were was another member who seemed to be rocking the emo look - he had eye bags and looked unapproachable, but he had approached the other tall guy during the break between intense choreography and began to mutter something nervously. There was a small guy with terrified, big eyes, but then another guy who had immediately caught your attention (for some weird reason) who had slung his arm over the smaller one's shoulders which calmed him down immediately. You realised this guy was literally half a shade darker, probably lighter than you; but the fact that these boys had porcelain skin set this guy apart. He looked very uninterested towards your presence; itching to continue the practice. You immediately spotted one who had an uncanny resemblance to Sohee from the Wonder Girls, which gave you a few seconds of happiness before turning your attention to the rest of them. One had the most amazing jawline you had ever seen; and he actually looked like a bit of a joker in between looking nervous. There was one that was sweating buckets who was smiling but looked very focused on training. There was one bored guy who looked around your age, licking his lower lip constantly and rolling his eyes while getting patted on the head by two others; one was shorter and resembled an old man when he laughed, the other just looked cheeky. From what you could remember from the debriefing, some of these boys spoke Mandarin - it now all came together as to why you had been picked for the job since you would be able to communicate with both sides. Your eyes wondered once more, drifting away from that thought; staring off into space, until your eyes focused on what you were staring at. It hit you; OH MY GOD - the other tall guy, the one that helped you out, it was Kevin! Was Kevin part of this new group!? You thought he was another assistant! He must have recognised you because he was giving a slight grin when you stared at him, giving a slight wave and an 'I remember you' look. You couldn't help but blush at the sudden realization that you had not recognised him immediately, you waved back feebly. Nerves were getting the best of you, you couldn't help but feel very nervous and didn't really know what to do - you could hear Mandarin being spoken by a few of the boys amongst each other, but you could only catch a few words they spoke so quietly. Out of the blue, a female manager who looked slightly irritated nudged you, instructing you to go give the boys water and make yourself useful. So you scurried off to obtain cups and a jug. Instantly you decided to offer the water to Kevin since he was the most familiar person in the room and made you feel the least uncomfortable. "Does anyone want water?" You asked in Korean openly in case any of the others wanted a drink. "Thanks, yeah I'd like some." Kevin replied in English, taking the cup you offered, you felt a lot less tense with him present. "So, I didn't think I'd see you again." You said pouring him a cup, straining to make sure you didn't tip any in your nervous state. "Haha, I'm sorry I didn't say anything - I just wanted to see your reaction when you'd see me again." Kevin said laughing slightly. You couldn't help but chuckle while he took a sip of the water. But you could hear giggling in the background; you turned around, noticing the other tall guy muttering something to another guy in your direction. Your face began to burn, knowing they were talking about you instantly. "Sorry, what's your name again?" Kevin asked, a little ashamed he couldn't remember. "Oh, it's Y/N." You replied, snapping back into the conversation. "That's a nice name." Someone popped up next to Kevin. You realized it was the guy who pulled old man expressions, but when he wasn't laughing or smiling, he looked actually the best looking of the bunch. But man points were deducted since he looked quiet smug while he talked. "Thank you." You replied trying not to sound confused. Hopefully wasn't making fun of you. "Could I please have some water?" He asked gesturing to the jug. You poured him some, "Sure." and offered him a cup, he chugged it before asking for another cup, you couldn't help but notice he looked like a child standing next to Kevin, who was pretty gigantic in comparison. "By the way, I'm the leader, Junmyeon or Suho - that's the name I've been assigned." Well Junmyeon or Suho, or whatever his name was, leaned in slightly. It was confusing, was he being friendly or arrogant? Flirty or taking the piss? "OK, that's great." You exclaimed, trying to sound impressed - but you were still completely confused while he flashed a smile at you and possibly tried to wink? "Thanks for the water." Kevin interrupted handing the cup back to you, and walked over to the emo kid who looked in your direction and then badgered Kevin with a hundred questions. But you were thankful for the interruption. Before Junmyeon or Suho or whatever, tried to say something else, a small voice asked for water. The one with the large eyes had cropped up and asked for two cups, pointing at the other guy with tanned skin - suggesting he would bring him a drink. You obliged giving the guy two cups and filling them up, he nodded politely and left. Suho or Junmyeon or whatever, decided to give up by giving you one last smile and leaving - you sort of realized he hung out alone. No one came up and talked to that guy - was he weird or something? "Sorry could I please have some water?" You were startled by how chipper this new voice was. You turned around and realized the one who had spoken was the girly guy with long black hair, you were guessing he was a Korean one since he had asked in Korean for some water. "Sure, here you go." You replied pouring him a cup. "Kamsahamnida - uh, Thank you." He said attempting at some English, smiling to break the ice. You couldn't help but smile a little - it was cute that he was trying to be friendly - he has such an open atmosphere. "What's your name?" He asked, once again trying out his English. "Y/N. What's yours?" You replied trying to make every syllable coherent so he could understand. "My name is Lu Han - LU, HAN." He replied smiling and nodding slightly. "Nice to meet you." You aid, smiling back. "Nice to meet you." He mimicked. But before he could keep talking, the really tall grinning guy and shorter guy who were stuck at the hip, cropped up - flashing Luhan some look which made him finish his drink and leave relatively fast. These boys gave you another dickish smile and chuckled while asking for water. But the way the taller one asked pissed you off; he spoke very VERY slowly, and then tried to was water in English - then pointing at your jug and acting out a pouring action into the cup. The shorter one was biting back his laughs. But you held in your anger and your impulse to smack both of these idiots in the face due to the fact that there were managers around and you would be working with them for a long time. You poured them the water and sent them on their way since training would start up again. You ut the empty jug away while the music started up; heaving out a quiet sigh since a few eyes were still on you. This is going to be a long day... -------------------------------
OHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so what's going to happen with these new boys in your life? STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER! Also, if you would to be tagged for future posts, but sure to ask in the comments. So, I'll see you guys in the next update!!! KPOP KIK Family @selfishmachines @Winx9119 @RochelleRose @BBxGD @theEnlightment @UKissMeKevin @evieevelyn @matokokepa Vinglers tagged for this fic... @ShinoYuki @Kpossible4250 @EleanorKriegel @Vanro @JaxomB @bigbangvip2243 @tiffany1922 @SweetDuella
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