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Lately, @LemonLassie and I found out that we live in the same state! Not only that but the cities next to each other!! We've talked about meeting in real life and having lunch. We were wondering, any of you willing to share your state so we can see who else might be around us and join us? We live in Utah.
Also, wondering who is going to KCONLA - for possible meet up's there!
I'm tagging my Forbidden series since it has the most vinglers. =]
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The panhandle of the oven oh I mean Florida xD
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I'm in Sacramento. Gosh I wanna meet up from everyone. 😭 @twistedPuppy
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I'm in LA and if you're meeting up with @LemonLassie during KCON, then you are meeting up with me too!
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Look how awesome you guys are! And the convo's that started :D You make me so happy!
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Wisconsin... so far from everyone 😕
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