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Since his notorious departure from male group EXO, Tao has faced a lot of criticisms from anti-fans.  And at a recent movie premiere in Shanghai, the singer addressed how much hate he’s received from former fans. Crying as he plead anti-fans to stop harassing him, Tao explained, “Life is short and it passes by so quick. I don’t know why the world has changed so much. I’ve never thought of myself as a celebrity. This is just my job and celebrities are people too.  Do these anti-fans really have that much time on their hands to say bad things about me and my family online. They could be improving their own lives with that time instead. I haven’t killed anyone or started any fires. I haven’t broken the law, I’m just living my life.”
Poor kid. He left EXO to further his career without his health getting fucked up more by SM. I mean fuck he hurt his ankle and they still made him perform Call Me Baby. I see all the time that the boys are collapsing or getting hurt because they're so overworked. He left because he didn't want to end up in a fucking hospital. It's so pathetic that people are so closed minded about him leaving the group.
I can't. don't make him cry my poor baby I just wanna hug him and love him and just make him feel better. why are they doing this to him. Stop the hate he's just an innocent panda
My little panda does not deserve this!! This makes me so mad and upset!! 😭😡😤
People are stupid what if everyone ganged up on them like?? Seriously put ur self into his shoes. Ppl just need to shut the hell up and get a life y are ppl so rude now and days?? ughhh i cant explain how much ppl annoy me
tbh this never happened so everyone can chill. he never cried over his haters. he cried over a video from his grandma and koreaboo and allkpop (I saw koreaboo's post first) twisted the Info to make it seem like he cried about his haters. did he cry? yes. did he talk about haters? yes. did he cry because he talked about his haters? no. do you really think he would allow his enemies to see him like that when he disses them all the time? stop believing koreaboo and allkpop.
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