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Since his notorious departure from male group EXO, Tao has faced a lot of criticisms from anti-fans.  And at a recent movie premiere in Shanghai, the singer addressed how much hate he’s received from former fans. Crying as he plead anti-fans to stop harassing him, Tao explained, “Life is short and it passes by so quick. I don’t know why the world has changed so much. I’ve never thought of myself as a celebrity. This is just my job and celebrities are people too.  Do these anti-fans really have that much time on their hands to say bad things about me and my family online. They could be improving their own lives with that time instead. I haven’t killed anyone or started any fires. I haven’t broken the law, I’m just living my life.”
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ppl r just petty. seriously, Tao should be respected because he had enough courage to leave the group that he knew wasn't right for him. of course he knew there would be hate, but this is overkill. if ppl r mad that he left and claimed to love him then instead of harassment they should support his songs and help him achieve greater as a solo artist. but I'm just saying.
istg people need to stop!! sm treated him like crap so he couldnt help but to leave. same for the kris and luhan. people need to stop hating on them just because they left exo. dont bully them and talk down on them. it was unfair treatment and you people think its okay to go back to that slave-driving company?? WAKE UP!!!
I'll admit I was a bit upset with him when he first left EXO but I NEVER sent him any hate. I just stopped following him so closely until I got over my tiff. Now I'm happy he's doing so well and excited for his new movie. Everyone needs to just stop the hate and let him do what he's doing.
tbh this never happened so everyone can chill. he never cried over his haters. he cried over a video from his grandma and koreaboo and allkpop (I saw koreaboo's post first) twisted the Info to make it seem like he cried about his haters. did he cry? yes. did he talk about haters? yes. did he cry because he talked about his haters? no. do you really think he would allow his enemies to see him like that when he disses them all the time? stop believing koreaboo and allkpop.
like these people need to stop. can't they see it isn't his fault it's sm entertainment. I'm a little glad he left. I was heart broken when I saw him buying medicine alone with no one there. now even though lay is the only Chinese member left he only gets 2 minutes of the whole new album