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We've covered different stage names before, and possibly some different groups, but these are some girls that could've debuted with Girl's Gen or 2NE1. Each one has different reasons for not being in the group, but many aren't because they withdrew due to differences in opinion or desires for different sounds. Even though these idols didn't make it with G G or 2NE1, they all have successful careers as actresses or idols going solo or with a group of their own!
Heo Chan Mi: Girl's Gen
She is a former member of F-ve Dolls and a 'Produce 101' contestant
Honey Lee: 2NE1
Won the title of Miss Korea, and eventually debuted as an actress only after training under YG for a while.
Jessi: Girl's Gen
One of the ladies who turned down a chance to debut with a group due to differences in style and music, but is still close friends with Tiffany and Jessica from their school days.
Soyeon from T-ara: Girl's Gen
Soyeon was set to be the leader of Girl's Gen, but withdrew in the end.
Bohyung from SPICA: 2NE1
Bohyung was actually cut by Yang Hyun Suk because he said her color was different, but that she should keep working hard, which got her into SPICA.
Lee Yeon Hee: Girl's Gen
Eventually became an actress, but was a trainee first. She lost her spot to Sooyoung, and decided to follow acting, but that proved difficult as well.
Seo Hyun Jin: Girl's Gen
This lovely lady became an actress, but was rumored she was in line to be leader of Girl's Gen. She eventually debuted before GG with M.I.L.K, but they didn't make it that far.
Linzy from FIESTAR: 2NE1
Started as a trainee in YG with 2NE1 and Bohyung from SPICA before leaving fore LOEN Ent.
Zhang Li Yin: Girl's Gen
Went soloist and is staying active in China, but could've been with Girl's Gen.
Seo Min Ji: GIrl's Gen
Formerly known as Kim Min Ji, she has said if she stayed an SM Trainee, she most likely would've been with the group, but left to act and be an MC.

How do you think these groups would have turned out with different members? Let us know down below!

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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I can't see Jessi being in GG. But if she was, I feel like GG would have more hip-hop based songs and a very different look than what they have now. Idk just a thought