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OMG.... 17 days until the Got7 concert in Dallas! Im so freaking excited and nervous!

Anyone else excited?! Has anyone done anything special getting ready for the concert?

I made a shirt... I'm not done with it yet (i need to speed my butt up with it!) But i totally love the shirt! ♡ I'm not sure what else I'm gonna do for the concert... but i guess we will wait and see...

See you soon boo! ♡♡ :D

Let me know if you want to be tagged/ untagged from my future cards! :)

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@lucinda @ShailaZaman you guys are also going to Dallas ayyyeeeeee
ayye waddup✌ @Vixxstarlight1
maybe we can meet up there
that would be awesome! @Vixxstarlight1 😄😄