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“Stay quiet.” Taeyang whispered looking up into my eyes. I nodded as I watched him between my thighs, glancing around the dark room, only illuminated by the moonlight beaming through the open blind. Seungri caught Taeyang’s eye as he stirred in his sleep. I bit my lip, checking the other band members beds to make sure they were sleeping before looking back at Taeyang who was already glaring up at me.
Okay, I’ll admit doing dirty things with my ‘best friend’ while his other four band members were in the same room was a bad idea. But fuck did it feel good. This all started when Taeyang accidentally brushed his hand against my crotch, causing me to moan. We’d been having sex ever since then, without telling anyone.
I watched as Taeyang rubbed his soft palms up and down my open thighs, placing gentle kisses on my abs as he moved down, teasingly slow. I couldn’t help the soft moan from escaping my lips, causing Taeyang to stop in his tracks. I looked up at me and Shhed me quietly. I nodded in response and he continued his ticklish assault down my stomach.
When he reached the spot underneath my belly button, I whimpered softly, bucking my hips up in frustration. I bit down on my finger, knowing that Taeyang’s patience was running low. He forced my hips back down into the mattress, making me stay in position.
My free hand slowly moved down to where his head now was, tugging down my underwear. I ran my hand through his hair as his lips came into contact with my clit.
I couldn’t help the loud moan that escaped my lips, which I immediately regretted. Taeyang stopped his movements, pouncing up to push his forehead against mine. I gasped at his sudden movement, feeling my heart race faster.
“Y/n, you need to be quiet.” He sighed in frustration, gritting his teeth which made me nod at how serious he was.
“It’s not easy.” I whined, looking up into his beautiful eyes, my hand still in his hair as he leaned in and pecked my lips.
“Do you want me?” He breathed heavily, staring into my eyes. I nodded eagerly, looking down at the bulge in his pants. “Then stay quiet.”
I pursed my lips as he crawled back down towards my pussy. Running his tongue up and down my slit, spreading my lips before flicking my clit, slow at first. I stayed quiet for as long as possible, but when he thrust his soft tongue inside me, I squeaked back a scream.
His tongue was searching every part of me, rubbing against all my walls. I grabbed his hair, pulling him closer as he nudged his nose against my clit, sending waves of pleasure through me.
I felt Taeyang tugging my hips towards him, wondering what he was playing at until he showed me. He pulled me on top of him, straddling his face. We’d never done this before, but I felt myself getting wetter as his tongue fucked deeper into me.
“You’re such a good girl for me baby.” He breathed against my pussy, softly biting on my pussy lips as I arched my back. He chuckled, sending slow vibrations against my clit. His tongue continued working on me as I became brave, rocking slowly onto his face. I bit my lip, looking down into his eyes as he leaned his head up, getting closer to my core.
I bucked my hips as my head fell back. I gasped when I saw GD watching me from his bed. I watched his hand moving under the mattress, keeping eye contact the whole time. I couldn’t stop myself from imagining Taeyang’s tongue as G-Dragon’s, just imagining what he would feel like eating me out. I was too curious for my own good. I felt my wetness dripping down to my ass as GD’s hand moved faster, making it obvious he was touching himself. I almost screamed in arousal as I carried on eye fucking him as Taeyang worked on me.
I was surprised when I was suddenly flipped on my back, facing the ceiling as Taeyang positioned himself between my legs. He hovered above me, beginning to rock his cock against my pussy, making me moan louder. I pulled his lips down on to mine, and shared a surprisingly passionate kiss. Taeyang was so slow and caring. It was turning me on. He bucked his hips towards mine as our kiss deepened, tongues swirling together. Just as he went to enter me, a voice from behind us broke the moment.
“Before you do that, you should let your brothers taste the girl you’ve been keeping off limits.” G-Dragon’s cool voice chuckled making us both turn to face the boys.
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omg yes this needs a second part. GD haha he was getting off watching now he wants to play also.
why did you stop it right there! anyways, you should do a second part to this!!
I knew they were watching since Seungri 😂.
@yaya12 @XionHeart @SaraHanna I will try to look into it
Em there better be a 2nd part... Lol.. This cliffhanger just ain't fair
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