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You woke up to the sunlight beaming through the window and blinding your eyes. You frowned, closing your eyes quickly, irritated by such brightness as soon as you opened your eyes from sleep. “Ugh,” you grumbled, pulling the covers up over your head to block out the sunlight. Once you realized the two strong arms wrapped around you tightly though, you couldn’t help but to allow a smile to break across your face. The arms belonged to your beloved boyfriend and best friend, Daesung, who was still sound asleep, telling from his slow, deep breathing. At that moment, there was no other place you’d rather have been than right there. In his warm, tight and loving embrace. You were always his teddy bear when he slept, and you had no problem with that. Even though the two of you had only been together romantically for two years, you’ve been friends for many more years than that. You’ve been with him since the very beginning. Through his trainee days, his debut, and all of the highs and lows of his career. Even through his huge scandal; the motorcycle incident. During that terribly hard time of his, you were one of the only people he spoke to; who he trusted at his lowest point. He would always tell you if it weren’t for you and God during that time, he didn’t know if he’d still be here. You thanked God as well for allowing your unconditional love and endless support help him through something so tragic. You were so happy that that was enough. You wouldn’t have left his side for anything. And never will. Through the many years of your friendship, there was always something…. more there. However, both of you never acted on those romantic feelings because you were too afraid of the other one not feeling the same, and ultimately wrecking your friendship. Or even worse than that, losing each other for good. That was, until two years ago; when you were laying in his bed together and joking around about how Doraemon kinda looked like Ike Broflovski from Southpark. After a long laughing session, you two just stared at each other with eyes full of tears from laughing so hard, and as you stared at each other, you knew, right then, you both felt the same way. And, well, that was your first kiss. The first of many, many, many kisses. Now, you couldn’t even go a day without kissing. On the rare occasions when he was away on tour without you, you secretly sent each other pictures of yourselves making kissy faces, and that was your daily kiss when you couldn’t actually kiss. There was no point in denying the truth, you two were obsessed with each other. Soulmates, through and through. The feel of something hard against your ass brought you out of your deep thoughts and you bit your lip and giggled softly when you realized what it was. Rumors began circulating that Daesung slept completely nude, and boy, could you definitely confirm those rumors. It was hard for you to not go at him every night because as you got into bed, he stripped out of all his clothing and revealed his perfectly sculpted body to you. And his body, was one of your weaknesses. “Ugh, why must you do this to me Oppa?” You would whine, covering your eyes playfully whenever he stripped. Daesung would just smile at you and get into bed quickly to cover himself up, as if that would make it any less hard on you. “It’s good for your health, Jagiya.” He always said, explaining to you he never did it to tease you, his words always accompanied with laughter. You started to strip down every night too, but it wasn’t for any ‘health’ reasons. Knowing Dae was asleep, you decided to take advantage of the opportunity you had and get a little revenge on him. Gently, as to not wake him up too fast, you began wiggling your ass against his hardened length. You had a sly smile on your face as you slowly moved your hips back and forth, the tip of his member brushing against the top of your folds that were becoming moist from the feel of him. Suddenly, his hand went to your hip as a small sleepy groan escaped from him, his hand keeping you from moving anymore. You couldn’t help but to let out a small giggle. Looking over your shoulder at him, you almost squealed because of his cute little morning face. His hair was a fluffy mess and his eyes were puffy from sleep. You wanted to take his face and cover every inch of it with your kisses. However, you refrained from doing so, solely because you were trying to tease him, like he did to you every night he got into bed. Despite his explanations. Turning your body around to face him, your lips were now only inches away from each other. You felt butterflies in your stomach as you stared at his sweet handsome face. It was actually quite funny; you’ve been waking up beside him for a long time now, but every morning always seemed like the first. A smile suddenly appeared on his face and he leaned forward to plant a kiss on your nose. “Morning, Jagiya.” His voice was raspy from sleep, but still sweeter than sugar to your ears. You raised an eyebrow at him, grinning. “Mhmm, you’re not the only thing happy to see me this morning, Oppa.” You giggled as your hand snaked down under the covers and wrapped around his thick erected shaft, taking him by surprise. Daesung smiled even bigger, his hand going down to rest on yours. “Jagiya,” he spoke softly, shying away from you slightly, a smile still on his face. He always acted like he didn’t want it, when in fact he always did want it. He was a professional at refraining himself from you, when he didn’t even have to be. Whenever he wanted you, you were his for the taking. Even if he wanted it in the restaurant bathroom, you had no problem giving it to him there if that’s what he desired. Which he would never want it in a place like that, but it was an example at how weak your resistance was when it came to him. No matter where you were. You may have had a small addiction with Daesung, but my God, it was hard not to. You moved your hand up and down his shaft, giving him a little 'good morning’ handjob. The look of pleasure that flickered across his face, his head tilting back as his eyes rolled shut and his sweet little smile going away as he bit his lip, gave you all the encouragement to keep going. You took your hand off of him long enough to spit in it and then you returned it, lathering your spit up and down his hard cock. You watched his face happily as it made all sorts of expressions due to your hand alone. Leaning forward, you pressed your lips to his neck and left a kiss before you parted them, letting your tongue come out and lick his soft skin. He let out a deep shaky breath, engulfed in pleasure. You bit down on his skin lightly, sucking gently as you left a lovemark behind; one of your ways of claiming him as yours. Suddenly, out of nowhere, his alarm started blaring from off of his nightstand, completely interrupting what was happening between the two of you. “Aigoo!” Dae exclaimed, reaching behind him to turn it off quickly, your hand following his body as he leaned back. Once the noisy machine was turned off, he gave you a look. The look you absolutely hated. The 'I have to go now’ look, of which you got way more than you wanted. Even though he had a month off from Big Bang related things, he did have a meeting to go to this morning where he had to discuss a trip to Japan next month with his team. You’ve been with him since the beginning, so you knew what you were getting yourself into before the relationship even started; his busy schedule. You traveled with him a lot, going to almost every one of his shows, always being his number one supporter. However, this month, he was supposed to be all yours. At home, which was a large apartment he bought for the two of you to share. Narrowing your eyes at him, upset, you stopped moving your hand and let go of his still-hard member. “I’m sorry, Jagiya..” He spoke, his voice low and dismal, but he had a little smile on his face despite his tone. He placed a long kiss on your forehead before crawling out of the big king sized bed and into the bathroom to get ready to go to the meeting, your eyes following his perfect body all the way until he moved out of view. You balled your hands into fists and hit the bed on either side of you. “Ughhhh!” You yelled out in frustration. Sexual frustration, you could say. Laughter comes from the bathroom and then you heard Daesung shout out, “Ah, I love you!” in an attempt to calm you down. “If you love me, then.. Then come back out here and fuck me!” Daesung hated when you cussed because he always said you were just too cute to cuss. He didn’t even cuss much. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop you from swearing like a sailor. Especially in times like these. “Jagiya!” He shouted in a surprised, but playful voice. “Bad girl!” He joked, laughter soon following. God, you loved his goofiness. It always reminded you why the two of you became friends way back then. You made each other laugh so hard your stomach muscles hurt. Eventually from in the bathroom you heard the water of the shower start and you continued to lay there in bed, horny, wanting your boyfriend to help you fulfill your desires. You even tried reaching down and touching yourself, but you needed Daesung to help you reach any type of satisfaction. When suddenly, an idea popped into your head. You crawled out of the warm bed and into the chilly morning air, your nipples hardening as a result and chillbumps covering your body that only had a thin white see-through tank top on. You tip-toed into the bathroom and immediately, the heat coming from his shower hit you and the skimpy top you had on began clinging to your body. It wasn’t long though until it ended up on the floor, and then you slipped into the shower behind Daesung. He turned around, jumping slightly after seeing you, his famous smile that made Daesung…. Daesung, appearing on his face shortly afterwards. “Ah, you need a shower too, hm?” He asked jokingly, teasing you mercilessly without even trying. “I remember very clearly, last night… You taking one..” Yours eyes couldn’t help but to wander down his beautiful, well taken care of body; the way the water rolled down his perfect chest and abs, down to his large manhood that you were surprised to see was still hard. You bit your lip at the sight, and then looked back up at his face, which almost looked bashful. “That’s not gonna go away without any help,” you said, stepping closer to him and running a hand down his wet chest, all the way down to his waiting member. “Let me help you, baby..” You whined slightly, becoming beyond impatient. He was not about to leave you for a meeting without even touching you first. As soon as your hand met his sex, his facial expression changed from innocent baby deer, to lustful beast who was awoken by your touch. He started backing you up until your back met the cold tile wall, making you shiver. The suddenness of his actions and the change of his demeanor shocked you as he flipped you around, your hands flat on the wall in front of you, and behind you he reached down below and cupped the wetness between your legs roughly with his hand. “Oh,” you moaned out unexpectedly, and then a grin started spreading across your face. Rough Daesung… something you didn’t get very often, but something you loved. His hot breath was right at your ear as two of his fingers found their way inside of you, slipping in easily. You may have been in the shower, but it was not what was making you wet. “Hmm?” He murmured in your ear in a way of asking if that’s what you wanted or not; referring to his fingers deep inside you. You nodded your head rapidly to let him know you liked it, in fear he was going to stop touching you and leave you absolutely hanging when you were so worked up. He was close enough behind you where you could feel his hard cock resting against your backside as he moved his fingers in and out of your tight hole. You were so tight down there, even though you were very sexually active, and your sexual partner had a rather, large attribute, you were just blessed with natural tightness. A quality of yours Daesung enjoyed more than he cared to admit. A few kegel exercises here and there you would do while lounging in bed or the couch didn’t hurt either. You bit your lip hard as he added a third finger inside of you and you felt your walls stretch. His other arm snaked around your waist so he could use that hand to give your clit some much needed attention. He pressed two of his digits down on your bundle of nerves and began rubbing it in circles, creating a beautiful pleasure that made your whole body tense. He was such an expert at pleasing you, knowing every inch of your body like the back of his hand. Every intimate moment you shared, he used to his advantage. Always learning more ways to make you tick between the sheets. Or, the shower. Or anywhere else you decided to take each other. You spread your legs slightly to give him more access to you and as soon as you did, both of his hands sped up from the sudden gain of entry and you threw your head back over his shoulder, moaning loudly at the change of speed. He turned his head toward you and placed soft kisses all along your neck, the gentle feeling mixed with the intensity below made you want to scream. “Ohh, Daesung!” The tip of his tongue trailed up your neck, to your ear, and he began nibbling on it, which sent shivers throughout your body. The blended sensations of his gentle mouth and his rough hands started to become far too much for you to handle. He was relentless. It had to be the quickest you’ve ever reached your peak before. Gasping, you shot up on your tip-toes as your back arched, pleasure coursing throughout your entire body, making you feel higher than the clouds. Your walls compressed spastically around his fingers as you relished in your release, all the while he kept covering your ear and neck in lovemarks; his fingers moving in and out at a slow pace now as you embraced the wonderful feeling, eventually coming to a stop and he slowly pulled them out. Daesung basically held you up with his two strong arms wrapped around your waist as your body sort of gave out after the orgasm left your system. You were exhausted, but knew that things were not over yet, but in fact, just beginning. He kept one arm around your waist but used the other one to reach up and cup one of your perky breasts, kneading it lovingly with his big hand that had recently brought you intense pleasure. His cock poked you in the back as he pulled you backwards into him, placing more loving kisses on your neck. “Jagiya,” he spoke against your neck softly, sending shivers down your spine as he placed another kiss here, and another one there. “Can you handle anymore?” He was whispering now, his lips brushing across your skin and all he needed was to hear your weary 'yes’ and he was immediately flipping you around to face him. His eyes were hazy with lust and he reached down to hook one of his arms under your leg, bending it up to give him better access as he moved in even closer to you; the feel of his member at your entrance suddenly re-energizing you. “Fuck me baby,” you said to him as you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling his head down so you could place a hungry kiss on his full-kissable lips. He kissed you back with a hunger that he didn’t usually possess. He dominated your mouth, his tongue winning the fight against yours and licking all around inside. Dae used sex as one of his emotional outlets, as many other people did. Yourself included sometimes. He tried very hard to be a cheerful and optimistic person in general, but even the most brightest of people have to weather the darkness too at some point in time. If banging your back out helped him deal with an inner issue, you were all for it. Because it never failed, after all the special times you shared together, he always felt rejuvenated, as if you were some sort of a cleanser for him. You suddenly gasped, letting out a small cry as he shoved himself into you to the brim, without giving you any time to adjust first. Good thing you were sopping wet or else he might not have had such easy entry. He stopped kissing you long enough to let out a groan, and then he continued, but it was hard for you to kiss back because of all of the moans escaping your throat as you felt your walls expanding from the sheer size of him. He started out with a few slow, but hard thrusts, and it wasn’t long before he started increasing his speed. He groaned into your mouth, your tightness taking him above and beyond. “Oh Jagiya,” he said breathlessly, frowning as he leaned his head back in pleasure after he bent your leg more, allowing him to go even deeper. Your breath caught in your throat when you felt him already hit your sweet spot inside. Everything he was doing was happening so fast, your body couldn’t keep up. It was continuously being jerked in all different directions of pleasure, the one leg you were standing on began to shake beneath you because of it. Thank God Dae was holding most of your weight for you. The speed of his thrusts picked up and the tip of his length hit your spot over and over again as he slammed his hips into yours. He was sending you toward another release. And fast. You wanted him to slow down so you could enjoy the feel of him inside of you a bit longer, but you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him to stop. It just felt too fucking good for that. “Daesung! Baby…” You cried out as he seemed to have gone even deeper. He placed his other hand above your head on the wall, his face contorting all different ways from the sensation of your walls pulsing around his large cock, grunts coming from his throat. Whatever battle he could be fighting inside with himself, he was fighting right now with you. And he was winning. You wanted him to win. You felt the tension building up again as your body flew toward another climax already. “I’m about to cu-” you were cut off by Daesung crashing his lips against yours, dominating your mouth once again with his big lips. You moaned loudly into his mouth as you spiraled into another orgasm, every inch of your body tensing as you released, your fluids rushing down his cock. Daesung’s hips kept plowing into yours, despite the fact you had already reached your peak; he had yet to reach his. He turned his head to the side, groaning from your pussy squeezing him as he penetrated you so deeply. Ceaselessly, your sensitive spot was hit. The feeling was becoming strained for you since your body peaked twice already. You started shuddering, moaning in slight discomfort. “Baby, I’m d-done..” You spoke shakily in an attempt to get him to stop, or at least take it down a peg, to stop going so deep. Pressure built up below to the point you wanted to cry out; his thrusts were relentless. “Ah, Jagiya, hold on!” He said quickly out of breath, working his way toward his climax. However, you physically couldn’t take anymore. His face signified that the way he was fucking you was not going to get him to a release, so to your surprise, he flipped you back around to where your hands were flat on the wall again and you were standing on your own two feet. Your legs were so weak, they wobbled beneath you; unable to stand on your own so Dae wrapped an arm around you to hold you up as he glided himself back into you from behind. “Baby!” You screamed as he hit your spot in an entirely different way now, making your body shake violently. He was overstimulating you intensely with the tireless snap of his hips, the tip of his cock prodding your spot continuously. “I-I can’t take anymore!” You cried out, leaning your upper body forward, the side of your face pressed against the wall as he plowed into you from behind. “Daesung pleaseee,” you moaned, unable to stop the shaking of your body. Your lovely Dae was known to get caught up sometimes when you two fucked, but it happened very rarly. Most of the time he was very gentle and loving and focused more on your pleasure, than his own. You didn’t like it when he got caught up. Not because of the fact that he focused more on his own pleasure, but because of the fact that after it happened, he usually ended up mad at himself for not listening to you when you begged him to stop. And what usually followed that, was him withholding himself from sex with you for a while because of his guilt. Afraid he was going to 'hurt you’ again. He never hurt you, he just took you beyond what your body could handle. Which wasn’t a bad thing, just an extreme thing. An overload of pleasure. His arm squeezed your waist and he let out a loud groan as he thrust into you one last time, filling you with his load deep within. It was a strange thought, but you thought for some reason if you weren’t on birth control, that this particular time would probably have impregnated you. It was weird to think about. He thrust into you a few more times, before pulling his largeness out of you finally, the act leaving you feeling empty down below. He placed his head on your shoulder, breathing heavily in your ear like he had just run a marathon. “I’m sorry…” He could barely get out, his voice breathless, but you could sense the guilt already there. You almost got irritated by hearing him say that, but you were so exhausted you couldn’t even respond. Your body had zero strength left in it, voice and all. If he were to take his arm from around your waist, you probably would have fallen straight to the bottom of the shower. What ended up happening was Daesung having to wrap you up in a towel and carry you out of the shower bridal-style into the bedroom, because you trying to walk would probably have looked like a baby deer trying to take it’s first steps. Your legs still shook a bit, even as you laid in bed with Dae sitting on the edge beside you. Guilt-ridden, he begged for your forgiveness, which you gave to him easily. He apologized over and over again, saying he wouldn’t allow himself to get so caught up again, “I was so selfish, please forgive me Jagiya… I don’t know what had gotten into me, I just–” You cut him off. “Daesung please, quit worrying about it.” You laughed a little at the fact he was so worried about what he did to you. “You didn’t hurt me baby, you just…” You grinned at him, knowing he wasn’t going to like what you were about to say. “You literally just fucked my back out.” He shook his head at you, a big smile spreading across his face causing his eyes to squint as he leaned into you. “Ahhh, now I have to clean your mouth out!!” He grabbed your head, shaking it gently as if he was mad at you, but then he pressed his lips to yours in the most tenderly way possible as if not to 'bruise’ you or something. You wrapped a tired arm around his neck and pulled him on top of you, kissing him back with more pressure. Daesung dug his arms under you on the bed and wrapped them around your middle, gracing your lips with the most loveliest of kisses. “I love you…” He spoke against your lips, the sincerity in his voice almost brought a tear to your eye. You loved him too, so fucking much. Word’s couldn’t explain how much you loved him. You loved his very soul. “God, I love you too..” Your mouths met again, fitting perfectly together like they always had. All of the sudden, something important popped into your head and you pulled away from his lips slightly again, your heavy breathing mixing with one another’s. “Hey baby… Uhh, what about that meeting?” “Oh, shit!” And now it was his turn to have his mouth cleaned out.
My sweet Angel shouldn't be so naughty lol.. #IlovedIt
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