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Genre: Fluff Pairing: Jungkook x reader Word Count: 478 Summary: Coffee shop Au where Batista Jungkook has a crush on one of his regulars.
Jungkook glanced at the clock for what felt like the millionth time that night. "Another hour until closing." He thought some what bitterly. The small coffee shop he worked at had been slow all day and it showed no signs of picking up anytime soon. Having already restocked everything in the shop hours ago, there was nothing for him to do but stand around and pray a customer would come in. He honestly felt like he was going a little crazy. The bell above the door chimed brightly, startling him out of his slump. Although Jungkook had been hoping someone would come in he hadn't truly expected anything since it was 8 p.m. He managed to compose himself for a moment before he looked up and grew flustered again. There was just something about you that left him shy and tounge tied. His coworkers teased him that he just thought you were hot. He of course always denied it. Not that you weren't attractive, that's just wasn't the reason, it was more than that. You came in almost every day, and were nice every time, to the point he was convinced you didn't have a mean bone in your body. "Hey (y/n), the usual?" He asked already heading towards the machine to start on your drink. "Yes and don't forget-" "Extra whip and chocolate sauce on top." He stopped you with a slight smirk. "Ah Jungkook, you know me so well." You said with a laugh and he swore it was the greatest sound in the world. As much as Jungkook liked the compliment from you, he didn't feel he knew you that well. He knew your order by heart sure, he also knew from small talk that you were in college and worked part time at a fast food place, but that was about all he knew. But you captivated him and he wanted to know more. In no time at all your drink was finished and he'd have to send you on your way. Maybe the dull day had actually driven him crazy, maybe he just finally found his courage, either way Jungkook decided he was going to do something about his feelings. You took your cup from him carefully, saying thank you and wishing him a good night before heading towards the door. You stopped in your tracks when you noticed something written on the napkin. "I'd love to get to know you better, maybe over lunch? xxx-xxx-xxxx" You couldn't contain the grin that took over your face when you finished reading the note. "It's about time you asked." You teased. "What do you mean?" He asked dumbfounded. "Well I haven't been coming here regularly because I love coffee, that's for sure, it's cause I thought you were cute." You finally spelled it out for him.
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