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Part 1 Warning: Language, alcohol and drug use ° 《-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.¤♡¤-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-》 ° "Y/N IF YOU DO NOT WAKE UP RIGHT NOW I'LL DROWN YOU IN A POOL!" What a great way to wake up! (-_- ) "You don't even know where to find a pool." I grumbled getting up to face my best friend Joo-So. His dark hair was covering his eyes slightly and he looked really agitated. "What was that?" he snapped in my doorway. He had a key to my apartment incase I locked myself out or I was too drunk to get in but mostly because we are just that close. I have a key to his apartment too. "Nothing." I yawned too tired to deal with him. "Why are you so angry right now anyways?" He chuckled humorouslessly. "Well, today is September 15th... what does that mean?" I groaned at my stupidity. "I am so sorry. What time is it?" I got up and headed towards my dresser throwing clothes around. "1:33, Y/N. You have 7 minutes and then we gotta go. I'll text him to let him know we'll be a little late." "Okay!" I called as he left. 'How could I forget about his brother's birthday? I'm a horrible person and I drank way too much last night.' "Last night...." I quickly threw on jeans and a plain tee as i collected my thoughts on what happened last night. 'That guy... maybe I'll see him again, we are going to the bar at 8 tonight.' "READY!" I called to Joo-So as i ran downstairs. I heard the jingle of keys and "Alright, let's go." as we exited. Unlike normally, the air was awkward in the car, like he wanted to ask something but didn't know if he should or not. "Just ask already." "Fine, how much did you drink last night?" "I dont know." He sighed. "Y/N... you need to stop. He was an abusive asshole who cheated on you." "I know but... it still..." I took a deep breathe to hold back tears. "hurts..." "It's okay and if not it will be but drinking won't help." "It helped me meet someone." "Really? Who?" "A guy named Ji-Yong. He seemed really nice and helped me last night. I even went home early." "You have his number? Or are you just gonna go to hopefully see him again?" "I have his number." "So?" "So nothing, I haven't the time right now because my dumbass slept in late. Now let's focus on your brother's birthday." I said as we pulled up to the restaurant we would be eating at. "If you insist." "Please don't say that." I shivered at the memory as we walked in the building. "Okay?" "Long story." "Oh." We sat down at the table saying greetings when I turned to the last one of Joo-Sam's (Joo-So's brother) friends. "Shit." We both said staring causing the others to look. "Well I didn't think I'd see you here, maybe back at the bar but definitely not here." he said. "Same..." I replied. Joo-So nudged me. "Is this the guy you were talking about?" "No, this is the bartender that hates his job because of me." I said earning a laugh from everyone. "Well now you can formally meet. Y/N meet Ji-Hun." Joo-sam stated with a little humor. "Nice to meet you." "Yeah... hey, why am I always the only girl? You guys need girlfriends so I'm not alone!" I heard them laughing as i smiled to myself. That Ji-yong helped in more ways that anyone would know. He made me happy again. ° 《-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.¤♡¤-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-》 ° "We headed to the bar?" I asked curiously. It was only Joo-So, Joo-Sam and me because the rest went home and Ji-Hun was off tonight so he wanted to get some sleep. "Yep!" Joo-Sam exclaimed. "But I'm going to make sure you guys don't drink too much and stuff like that." Joo-So said looking right at me. "Yeah, yeah." I waved him off. Eight was the time I normally went to the bar, so that meant I would most likely run into Ji-Yong again! I don't know why I don't just text him.... I'll wait and if I see him tonight I'll start to text him, if not it was just a stupid hallucination from the alcohol and whatever else I took. "Let's go!!" Joo-Sam and I happily entered the bar followed by an annoyed Joo-So. "Why are you my best friend? You're more like Joo-Sam than anyone." "That's why you love me." We sat down by the bar. Right before I was about to order I felt a tap on my shoulder making me turn around. "Hi~!" My smile widened. I remember that bright smile and gorgeous face. "Hey!" ° 《-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.¤♡¤-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-》 °
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