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[GHOST episode 2] ~~~~~ Genius hacker Hades Park Gi-yeong (Choi Daniel) was reborn as team manager Kim Woo-hyeon (So Ji-sub). In the second episode of the SBS drama "Ghost - Drama" aired on the 31st of May, Park Gi-yeong was hurt terribly in an unknown accident while meeting with Kim Woo-hyeon and barely survived. Park Gi-yeong transformed into Kim Woo-hyeon to solve the last message he left. The files Park Gi-yeong found in the dead actress, Sin Hyo-jeong's (Lee Som) computer were not lists of her sexual bribes but images of senior officials being murdered and Kim Woo-hyeon was in there. Kim Woo-hyeon told Park Gi-yeong to run saying everything was his fault. Kim Woo-hyeon knew the real criminal behind this but had to hide it. However, Kim Woo-hyeon suddenly died without having been able to solve anything. Park Gi-yeong lived. He decided to live his life as Kim Woo-hyeon. His body had been entirely burnt and his facial bones all fractured so through plastic surgery he was reborn as Kim Woo-hyeon. Park Gi-yeong is Kim Woo-hyeon and Kim Woo-hyeon is Park Gi-yeong. The only person who knows this is Yoo Kang-mi (Lee Yeon-hee) who trusted and followed Kim Woo-hyeon. Cr: http://news.nate.com/view/20120531n36234 via http://www.hancinema.net/spoiler-ghost--drama-choi-daniel-becomes-so-ji-sub-after-entire-operation-43282.html
yes...i already watching drama Ghost episod 5
The Ghost - it will be Choi with himself?....or...by any chance....we'll get 2 So Ji Sub?
absolutely YES!
Ghost is getting really good reviews actually... Are you going to follow it?