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Japan female idol groups (like AKB48) known with their cute face, singing songs about the joy of youth, friendship, and love. They usually lure the men by perform with sexy costumes and bikini. Those efforts success attract men's attention. However, Babymetal no need to be sexy to attract people. They wear gothic costumes. Consider that the music comes from the band, Babymetal can be viewed from two perspectives. Idol group accompanied by metal band or a metal band with pop singer. Obviously the band play metal music and the singer sings poppy songs with energetic dance. Those disturbing and weird things could be a failure. However, Babymetal highlight those things and attract the attention of worldwide metalhead.
Suzuka Nakamoto, Yui Mizuno, and Moa Kikuchi are J-pop performers who perform with heavy metal band called Kami Band. Babymetal songs are about bullying, adversity, alienation and depression. They urge people to rise, decline, and change through their songs. They call their fans 'The One'. Su, Yui, and Moa still having cute image although wear gothic costumes. With that image, they brought girls' cuteness up to the front line in metal scene. Until 2013, Babymetal performed all songs with playbacked music and band dressed in bone suit. Furthermore, Babymetal always perform with Kami Band, which consists of talented musicians. Kami Band are Takayoshi Ohmura (guitar), Leda (guitar), BOH (bass) and Aoyama Hideki (drum). Also Mikio Fujioka (guitar), Yuya Maeta (drum) and Hidefumi Usami (program). They wear white costumes and paint their face white.
Babymetal concerts are full of dark arts and surreal things. As the black coffins and red triangle floating in the air with three members of Babymetal in it. They claim that every course of action is revealed to them via divine messages that come through the god of metal called the Fox God. They claim to have been selected and sent by the Fox God. They also believe that their gigs or concerts are always blessed by the Fox God. The pictures and symbol of Fox God become the background in their concerts.
I know this band and I am in love with this band. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
gimme chocolate is the best song for this group
they were on youtubers react for reacting to other youtubers reacting to gimme chocolate