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It wasn’t long ago that you had picked Seungri up from YG and brought him home to the huge over-the-top apartment that he shared with his sexy group member Youngbae. You basically lived there too, being there almost everyday, all day. Only going back to your apartment when you absolutely had to, like when the two of you fought or when you just got sick of seeing his face all of the time.
Your recent fight came to mind and you chuckled at the memory, amused by the thought.
Seungri had found out you had coaxed Youngbae into bed with you and you slept with him. The jealousy and anger your dear friend Seungri possessed was shocking. Totally unbelievable. Dare I say, impressive? He almost killed you both and didn’t talk to you for two whole days straight. His ‘silent treatment’ would have probably gone on longer if he hadn’t gotten horny one evening and called you over, where he then took you into Youngbae’s bedroom and fucked you right on his bed while he was gone; to get back at him. However, being so exhausted, you two had fallen asleep afterwards and Youngbae ultimately caught you. Finding you both naked, and in his bed. It wasn’t a pleasant confrontation, he was infuriated.
But everything had ended up okay because that actually led up to your first threesome with the two of them. You had had other threesome’s with Seungri before, but they were never with another guy. Never with Youngbae. After that, the three of you met up quite often. Your meetups actually kept Seungri’s jealousy subdued. If you were going to be fucking one of his group members, he wanted to know about it and have something to do with it.
It was honestly quite funny though because he was only like that with his group members. Other random guys you hooked up with, he didn’t really care about. You figured it was because he already had a shadow cast over him from his members with all of their fans, and he didn’t want a shadow to be cast over him with you too.
You were currently lounged out on his new black leather couch he had recently bought, your fuzzy sock-covered feet resting in his lap comfortably, which he hated. He had continuously pushed them off of him, annoyed, but you just kept putting them back after each and every time. In the end, he lost the fight and just flipped you off, letting them stay on his lap.
You had been his ride to and from work quite a lot lately since his car was in the shop getting some sort of upgrades. Even though it was annoying and inconvenient for you, -seeing as you had to work your schedule around his- that’s what friends were for. And you two, were honestly the best of them.
Seungri has been your friend your whole entire life. Your mother had been friends with his mother when you were born, - Seungri was a few months older - so you were almost raised like brother and sister. Almost, though. There were some things you did together now that no siblings in their right mind would ever do, unless life was an episode of Game of Thrones, that is.
Many benefits came with what the two of you had. You had tried your hands at a romantic relationship before, but you quickly realized there was nothing romantic between the two of you. You found that out back when you both were Sophomore’s in high school. After giving up your virginity to one another, you had realized the feelings between you were strictly sexual. Nothing more, nothing less. That didn’t mean you didn’t love each other though, because you did. With every inch of your hearts.
It was just a sexual friendly type of love.
Both of you shamelessly had your faces in your phones as you senselessly scrolled down social media, or played one of the many dumb little app games you had downloaded that you were positive killed your brain cells every time you played them. Silence rang throughout the living room, yet it didn’t bother you. You were so used to moments like this, just hanging out in each other’s company without speaking. You actually liked it, sometimes talking got annoying. However, the silence would break sometimes when one of you scrolled past something interesting and wanted to announce it. Seungri had just announced your favorite restaurant was having a buy one meal, get one free special according to a Facebook post of theirs and you simply gasped in surprise, and that was the end of that. The quietude continued, until you felt Seungri’s eyes on you all of the sudden.
Your eyes glanced up from your screen to look at him over the top of your phone. A strange look was on his face, - as if he was amused by something - and that brought a confused frown to yours. “Um, what?” And suddenly he was holding out his phone to you, wanting you to look at whatever was on it. You squinted your eyes at his screen that was much brighter than yours - dear God why does he need it to be so bright? - and looked at what he was showing you.
It was a picture on Instagram he had posted a few weeks ago of you and him at the beach in Australia, when he was there for a performance that you accompanied him to. You had on your tiny black bikini that barely covered you up, but at the time you had figured… when was the next time going to be that you were in Australia? Plus, it was really hot there and the less the clothes, the better.
The picture itself had impressively gained over one hundred thousand likes, but that was just because it was Seungri from Big Bang who posted it. His followers double-tapped anything and everything of his. Whenever he posted pictures of you, fangirls immediately thought you were dating and posted hateful comments about you, but you simply ignored them because their speculations weren’t even true. In fact, a lot of people thought you guys were dating since you were seen out in public a lot together. However, YG himself made a statement, saying the two of you were lifelong friends, and nothing more.
The official statement of the boss man himself seemed to have appeased the angry jealous fangirls, - seeing as over a hundred thousand of them suddenly requested to follow your private Instagram account and decided to refer to you as the Big Bang Unni, accepting you as one of their own now and commenting pleasantly about how happy they were to see you when you appeared in a photo either of the boys posted - but if they only knew what else you and Seungri did other than date.
Dating was a lot more harmless, let me tell you.
You raised an eyebrow, perplexed. “Okaaay..?” You said in confusion, not knowing why he was showing you that picture. And then out of nowhere, a smirk spread across his cute dumb face as he looked back at his phone. “Remembering you in that little bikini and what we did has me horny.” He stated nonchalantly as he bit his lip, looking at the picture and the expression on his face showcased the dirty thoughts in his mind. You simply rolled your eyes at his words, looking back at your own phone and turning your attention back to the game you were playing on it.
“Will you give me a blowjob?” He asked, not even looking up from his phone. The question didn’t surprise you or anything. That’s just how casual sexual encounters were between the two of you.
You scoffed, looking back up from your phone to him, narrowing your eyes in irritation. “Um, no. I’ve sucked your dick the past ten times,” you explained, annoyed that he would even ask you. “Backstage at concerts… Parties… The bathroom at YG… It’s my turn, asshole. When was the last time you went down on me?” Quickly, you tapped your screen to avoid an obstacle on the game you were playing before your character died.
Seungri tutted, looking at you incredulously. “Do you realize how hard it is to get you to cum?! My tongue goes numb by the time you finally reach your precious orgasm!” He exclaimed, pushing your feet off of him with a big shove of his hand. You laughed out loud at his pathetic anger, picking your feet up and putting them back on his lap. He scowled.
“You act like that’s my problem! It’s not my fault you just suck at giving head!” You fired back, tapping your screen again quickly to miss another obstacle.
Seungri went silent and unmoving, but you could feel his eyes burning into you even though your phone was blocking your view of him. You knew him like the back of your pretty little hand, and you knew very well that your statement registered as a challenge in his mind. All you had to do now was sit back and wait for him to give you the best oral sex you’ve ever received as he tried to prove you wrong.
You were so right.
He suddenly tossed his phone onto the coffee table before turning his body to you, his hands grabbing at the bottom of your lounge shorts and jerking down, trying to get them off of you hastily. A big happy, yet naughty grin appeared on your face as you pushed your hips up into the air, lifting your ass off of the couch so he could get your shorts down over it. He jerked them all the way down your legs until he did away with them by throwing them somewhere momentarily unimportant behind him.
Sliding off of the couch, he got onto his knees and gripped your legs hard with his manly hands. He yanked you toward him until your ass was at the edge of the couch and the temptation between your legs was right in front of his face, only covered by the thin layer of your underwear; which were already soaked. It turned you on when he manhandled you, though you would never tell him that. But honestly, you didn’t even need to. He knew simply by just looking with his own two eyes.
“You seem pretty fucking excited to be getting sucky head,” he stated cockily with a smirk on his face, referring to how wet you already were.
You simply reached down and thumped him hard on the side of the head with your hand. “Shut the fuck up.” You retorted, with the sound of ripping fabric soon following as he did away with your underwear by tearing them right off of you. You could just feel yourself pulsating down there, yearning to be touched.
“Those were some of my favorite pan-” Your vexed words were cut off by a sudden moan emitting from your mouth.
With no hesitation, your back arched and your body tensed up as he moved his face in, dipping his tongue between your folds and swiping the flat of his tongue over your clit. Pleasure clouded your mind and the annoyance you felt toward him just moments ago was suddenly nowhere to be found. You tried to lift your legs up, - the overwhelming sensation making you want to clamp your legs closed - but he held them apart with a strong grip; you could see the taut muscles in his arms from how hard he was holding down your legs.
He was so careless down below, his tongue flicking your clit one moment, and then his flattened tongue swiping over it roughly the next. It felt so fucking good though, you were lost in the wonderful feeling he was creating. “Oh fuck,” you said with a strained voice, letting out a groan as you turned your head toward the couch pillow, trying not to scream out his name by burying your face in it until you needed to take a breath. You could feel Seungri smirk against your core as he went to town on you, proving your earlier statement completely wrong. He was doing a good job at it too, you had to admit. To yourself, anyways. You’d never admit it to him. His head was big enough already without that knowledge.
With his relentless tongue ceaselessly going at you, your body was nearing the point of releasing. “Seung-” you caught yourself moaning out his name, cutting yourself off by biting down on your bottom lip, but it was too late. He heard the beginning of his name and you could feel him chuckle against you.
You and him made this game up one day where if you say each other’s name while having sex, then you have to buy the other person some food. You had immediately regretted it. You didn’t want to buy his rich ass some food when he could very well buy it himself. He was the wealthy international pop star, not you after all.
The tip of his tongue flicked your clit continuously and you reached down, gripping his soft hair and yanking on it as you felt your release coming fast. And with one more rough swipe of his flattened tongue, your body tensed up again, your back arching off of the couch and you came hard. Your mind went blank, unable to think about anything as your body relished in the amazing sensation that washed over it.
Your white fluid leaked out of your throbbing entrance and Seungri moved his head down a bit and licked it up immediately, closing his eyes as he did so and his body kind of slumped down as if the taste of you whisked him away or something.
But, that wasn’t it at all. After cleaning you all up with his tongue, he pulled away, leaning on the backs of his legs, an exhausted look on his face. His mouth and all around it glistened from your wetness. His eyes glanced up at yours as he wiped his mouth off with the back of his hand. “Is my tongue still there?” He asked, lazily sticking it out at you. “Because I can’t feel it for shit.” It was a jab at you, yet you chose to ignore it.
Your body still writhed from the high you were just on, and Seungri watched you with fiery eyes, taking in the sight of your trembling body, loving how it was him who put you in that uncontrollable condition. Suddenly, with a new found energy or something, Seungri’s body shot up from it’s previous slumped state and he turned, pushing the coffee table away, making a bigger space between it and the couch. Your mind was still a bit fuzzy from your intense orgasm, but once his eyes met yours and he began unbuttoning his pants, you realized now what he was doing.
He rid himself of his pants, his boxers the only thing covering his obviously hard member as he laid backwards on the floor, looking up at you on the couch with raised eyebrows. You lifted an eyebrow down at him, a faint smile on your lips as he made a ‘come hither’ motion with his finger, a smirk on his face that made him look so sexy. With that and the outline of his hardness in his boxers, he looked extremely inviting.
“On the floor? When we have this nice couch?” You asked, puzzled.
“Get the fuck down here. Now.” He demanded with a lustful, yet monotonous voice. Reaching up and grabbing a hold of your hand, he tugged you down from the couch and onto the floor with him. “We’re not messing up my new couch.”
You let him pull you off of the couch, breaking the fall by falling down onto your knees. Now that you were down there, he quickly rid himself of the last obstacle, his boxers.
With those gone, his hard cock was now in plain view. The familiar sight made you bite your lip, thinking of all the times it’s brought you intense ecstasy and satisfaction.
Seungri grabbed you by the arm and pulled you into him so he could give you a hungry, rough, needy kiss on the lips. At this moment, when two people’s lips met, they usually felt the love and instantly caught feelings for each other. But not with you two. In fact, the only feelings you were catching were feelings of slight annoyance as he dominated your mouth, the intense pressure hurting your lips since he was pushing them against your teeth.
To his dismay, you pulled away from his harsh kissing and turned your back to him. This was his favorite position anyways, where you both laid on your sides and he could take you from behind, being able to go as fast and as deep as he wanted to; giving him full control. You lifted your leg up, waiting for him to grab it, knowing the drill like you knew your very name.
You were still exhausted from your orgasm you had a little bit ago, so you couldn’t be bothered by holding your leg up in the air, your muscles started to tremble. “Grab my leg, dammit!” You spat back at him, and instantly his hand went to grab at your leg, hiking it up a bit more to his liking. The feeling of his member poked at your entrance from behind and you took in a deep breath, preparing for the intensity that was about to come. You rested your head on your arm.
Seungri began slowly sliding himself inside of your wet tight warmth, a groan rolling off his tongue as he did so. “How the hell do you manage to stay so tight when I fuck you like I do?” He asked, his voice breathy and incredulous.
“It’s confidential,” you replied, a moan soon following. Actually, there was no secret at all. You were just blessed with natural tightness. It had to be that because Seungri’s attribute wasn’t small, and he was rarely gentle with you.
Once he was about half way into you, he finished with a hard thrust. His hips slamming into your backside, making your body lurch as he buried himself deep inside of you. “Fucking hell.” You groaned, bracing yourself as he pulled all the way back out until just the tip of him was in, and then he plummeted back into you once more.
He kept that routine for a bit, until he started to increase his speed.
Before you knew it, your bra-less breasts - underneath your over-sized sweatshirt that he didn’t bother taking off of you - began bouncing with every snap of his hips. His pace was much faster now.
You bit at your own arm, trying not to scream out, but the tip of his cock began hitting your sweet spot within and you just couldn’t suppress it anymore. “Fuck!” You screamed out, your body joggling against his.
“Say my name.” Seungri breathed out, his mouth right at your ear which sent a shiver down your spine. He groaned loudly as your core began to pulsate around his angry member that plowed into you at a ruthless speed.
You shook your head no, involuntary moans spilling out of your mouth. You didn’t want to say his name. You didn’t want to buy him food.
Slowly, unlike his thrusts, you could feel his hand slip over your shoulder and to your neck. It tickled as he wrapped his fingers around it, squeezing just tight enough to give you a slight choking sensation. “I said, say my fucking name.” His voice was hard and cold. If it wasn’t Seungri doing it, you might have been a little afraid of his words and actions. But, it was Seungri doing it, and you knew he was just being kinky and dominating. Would it be bad to say it actually turned you on?
“No,” you managed to get out through clenched teeth. He showed his disinterest in your reply by tightening his grip around your throat slightly and growling in your ear.
Sounds of slapping skin filled the living room as his hips pounded mercilessly into your ass. The tip of his cock hit your spot again and continued hitting it nonstop. You let out the loudest moan yet, the feeling becoming too overwhelming as you felt yourself building up for another orgasm. “Say it.” Seungri demanded again, his voice sounding unyielding, yet breathless. “Say my name.” He shook you with his grip around your neck and you cried out; partly in pleasure, partly in pain.
“Seun-” you started to say, but then stopped yourself, deciding to stand your ground. “No!” You refused to say his name.
Seungri growled at your stubbornness, leaning his head down and biting down onto your shoulder. He changed the angle of his hips slightly, and that small movement was all it took to send you reeling over the edge as another orgasm engulfed your body.
And, to your intense appall, you screamed out his Godforsaken fucking name. Loudly, with absolutely no remorse at the moment. Emphasis on ‘at the moment’, because you would definitely regret it later on.
Your voice climbed, a whiny tone to it. “Seunghyyuuunnnnn!!” You didn’t call him Seungri much, because, well, that’s just not the name you were used to calling him. It’s always been Seunghyun to you.
The sound of you screaming out his name and the feel of your tight hole rapidly pulsing around his cock sent him soaring, flying straight into his orgasm with open arms as he released his load deep inside of you.
Both of you blissfully rode out your high’s together, pleasure coursing throughout every inch of your body, making you feel like you were on cloud nine.
His hand fell from around your neck and then went to your waist, his hips pumping shiftlessly into you a little bit longer before he finally pulled his length out of you. His withdraw left your hole feeling empty after his brutal use of it, and you knew very well it would be sore later on. It usually was after he got done with it.
You groaned from exhaustion, rolling away from Seungri and onto your back. The heavy breathing coming from the two of you mixed, filling the room with nothing but panting and groans as your chests moved up and down intensely with every breath. You felt Seungri look over at you, his eyes piercing the side of your face. Instead of looking back at him, you turned your head the opposite way, toward the couch. As you stared it, your eyes blinked rapidly for a moment as you realized how hard he just fucked you. You sat up with a grunt, looking over at him and narrowing your eyes.
All he did was smirk back at you. “What?” He asked breathlessly with a chuckle, rolling onto his back and placing his hands behind his head.
You got to your feet with a bit of trouble, your legs wobbling beneath you from your own weight. You looked down at Seungri who eyed your body up and down, looking as if he wanted to take you again. His member was still hard after all.
Nah ah, you thought to yourself. No way. Honestly, you didn’t know if your body could handle anymore even if you wanted to go for round two.
Suddenly, you frowned as your hand went to your sore throat where he had recently almost choked you out in his mission to get you to say his name. “You watch too much porn,” you grumbled, rubbing at your neck that had red imprints of his fingers on it. His ruthless behavior when it came to sex originated from his porn addiction. The way the guys on there would treat the girls was exactly the way Seungri treated you, and any of the other girls he slept with.
“Oh, shut up. You love when I manhandle and fuck the shit out of you.” He stated cockily.
As much as you hated to admit things like that to him, you couldn’t help but to grin guiltily at his words. It was true. You had said it before. When he manhandled you, it turned you on to the maximum. You just wished it didn’t result in obvious fingerprint tattoos on your neck.
Simultaneously, both of your heads whipped toward the direction of the door when you heard it opening.
In came an exhausted looking Youngbae, carrying a stack of papers in his hand and the bag he always took to work with him hung over his shoulder. It took him a moment before he noticed you guys in the living room, naked and disheveled looking. His eyes widened at the sight of you. Silence lingered in the air for a moment as you all stayed unmoving, staring at each other.
Youngbae made the first move, tossing the papers he was holding onto the side table next to the door and then he dropped his bag to the ground.
With a smirk on his handsome face, he sauntered over to you in the living room and placed his soft hands onto your bare waist. “Why didn’t you guys wait for me?” He asked you, and only you, but he had to word it as if he was including Seungri too or else he would have gotten mad.
A shiver went through your body at the touch of his hands. Goosebumps covered your skin as you bit your lip, looking up at his face and into his dreamy eyes. Suddenly, your body felt rejuvenated and ready for more. If he wanted to do it, you wouldn’t object.
You must have been so lost in Youngbae’s eyes that you didn’t even notice Seungri get off of the ground and walk up behind you. All of the sudden, you felt another pair of hands slide onto your waist just above Youngbae’s and then you were being jerked backwards, away from him.
“Sorry, Hyung, but seems like we can’t do that right now,” Seungri said, smiling innocently, yet you could sense the mischief behind it. “_ _ _ _ _ has to go buy me some food.”
Remember when you said you’d regret screaming out his Godforsaken name later on?
Yeah, well, it was later on.
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