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Who: Reader X Zhang Yixing (Lay) What: Fluff (?) Chapter: 2 Storyline: After Lay suddenly collapses from exhaustion, you make it your duty to make sure he gets some well deserved rest before he goes back to work.
Yixing's POV Y/N and Yixing arrived at the house and walked in together. Yixing looked around; the house was quiet, something that didn't happen often, of course it had more to do with the fact that the guys were out of the house doing promotions. Lay sat down on the stool in the kitchen in front of the island. Y/N was going into the refrigerator looking for something to drink. "Is there anything specific you want to eat? Hospital food is usually crap." she said. Yixing smiled at her and said, "No I'm fine, thanks." She smiled back and said, "You sure?" "Yeah, your cooking isn't the best anyway." She nodded in agreement, "I never said I was going to cook for you anyway. That's Kyungsoo's job. I would've picked something up for you but with that attitude I'm not sure I wanna do it anymore." He could tell she was joking and it made him chuckle. He yawned a bit showing one dimple on the side of his face. He caught sight of her smirking at him but then she looked away. He apologized for yawning and she shook her head, "Lay you're tired go lay down. I'll drop by later with something for you to eat." Yixing shook his head, "No I'm fine, besides if I sleep now how will I sleep tonight?" "Well just take a short nap and I'll come wake you up. There's no point in you getting time off if you don't rest." "You don't have to baby me Y/N." Yixing said. Her phone buzzed from what appeared to be a text message, she unlocked her phone while responding to Yixing. "Yeah well my problem is I've babied you all far too much. You're starting to get spoiled." Yixing laughed it off, yeah they had all been spoiled by her. She took good care of them. She started laughing so hard at the text she received that it brought Yixing out of his thoughts. "What is it?" he asked. "Chen sent me this picture of xiumin and Sehun. He said it looked like Xiumin was checking out the sebooty." She showed him the photo all the while still cracking up. It annoyed him that Chen was texting her, he respected Jong-dae and loved him like a brother but when it came to how close he was to Y/N he hated it. Back when they first met Y/N, he was polite to her but was a bit stand offish. However, he thought she was beautiful and liked her dorky side. He saw how she drifted towards Min-seok and Jong-dae and it got on his nerves a bit. In the early years, he couldn't place why it annoyed him so much that they were hanging out with each other and he didn't dare voice it to the guys or her. He noticed she had treated him differently from the other guys, she wasn't so quick to hug him like she would with Jong-in. She'd kiss Min-seok and Baekhyun on the cheek and Chanyeol on the nose. She played video games with Jun-myeon and she constantly teased Sehun. When Tao was still apart of the group, she'd always wrap her arms around him first to make him feel special. Jung-dae would complain about that until she'd call him beautiful and give him a kiss on the cheek. She told all the boys constantly that she loved them but it seemed to Yixing that when she was talking to Jung-dae she meant it in a different way. It had taken a whole year for her to even hug him and when she did Yixing realized he liked her. He became a little more distant then, trying to rid himself of that feeling. If she was seriously in love with Jung-dae he didn't want to stand in the way. It wasn't until one night, he had been so stressed out and frustrated that he separated himself from the boys. It didn't take long for Y/N to come and find him and when she did he saw the worry in her face. He didn't want to talk about the stress, he didn't want to be around the boys but he didn't even have time to think of what to say because she immediately wrapped her arms around him and began to pet his head. He was shocked by that action, she didn't hug him very much and he was pretty sure he'd been short with her the past few days. Still, she didn't care and comforted him. She hadn't asked him to talk about it and Yixing knew it was because she knew better than to ask; he'd talk about it when he was ready. He hesitated hugging her back not sure how to really feel but once he did he let it out. The face he didn't want the others to see he had only let her see. He often asked himself why she so special to him but it was that moment he'd finally gotten the answer to his question. He loved her. That pain was too real, he didn't want to love her when she was more than likely in love when Jung-dae already. It was a messy situation but he couldn't help but gravitate towards her more. He couldn't resist her anymore. She would always sit in the guys beds with them but she had stood clear of doing that with Yixing. After that day, she sat with him in his bed watching TV just as often as she did with the others. They didn't always talk to each other, he didn't really have to he just liked having her there. He lived to see her smile, when he sang on stage he would wonder in the back of his mind if she was proud of him. He wanted her eyes on him and only him. He remembered the dream he had about her last night. He was calling out for her to stay with him; she was going to see Chen and he didn't want her to leave; they were having a good time together. She just gave him a smile and said she'd be back before she left him alone. He'd woken up after that, which was why he was sleepy today. He was so lost in thought again that he hadn't noticed Y/N had walked around the island and was standing in front of him. She lightly slapped both her hands on the side of his face and called his name. He snapped out of it looking at her a bit shocked but she smiled brightly at him, "See I knew it, you are tired. Go to bed, I'm going back to the boys for a little bit I'll be back with food. If you're still asleep when I come back I'll wake you up. okay." "Okay." "Good now get going." she ordered. Yixing stood up slowly and walked down the hall to his room he could hear yell after him, "Don't forget to take a shower!" Y/N POV You could see it on his face, he was still exhausted and you felt bad. You kept trying to convince him to sleep for a reason. You were worried about him as you watched him walk to his room. You didn't really want to leave, you wanted to stay and watch him sleep again. To see that calm relaxed face, he had seemed to tense up for a second when you mentioned Jong-dae had texted you. You had no idea what that was all about but you quickly dismissed it, maybe it was just that he was tired. When you were smiling at him, you noticed him looking at you so you turned away. You were normally good with hiding how you felt about him but after he had collapsed you started becoming easily flustered. You sighed and walked out of the house to get back in the truck and head to the studio to see the boys. When you showed up, you saw Jongin and Chanyeol holding hands and laughing. You smiled at them and as you passed by you whispered, "Ooh I'm telling Baek and D.O." They looked up at you making weird faces and you laughed. You saw the manager and stood next to him. You were looking around, "I'm missing two of my boys where is Suho and Chen?" Sehun was taking pictures with Baekhyun and Min-seok and Kyung-soo were getting their make up done. All of a sudden, you heard a voice from behind you and arms wrap around your waist. "Eomma Y/N you're back!" Chen said. You laughed and turned around seeing the make that was done for his scars. It was really well done you almost asked what happened to him before you reminded yourself it was a part of the concept. "Did they already finish your photos?" "No I just got finished with make up.. Hey did you see Kai and Chan cheating on Baekhyun and D.O?" You laughed, they teased the boys all the time about their ships. You nodded and said, "I told them I'm telling on them." Jong-dae laughed with you, "Hey how was Yixing by the way?" "He was still tired, poor thing. I sent him to bed before I left but I have to make sure I pick up some food before I head back to him." "You're such a worry wart Y/N, especially about him. Remember when he almost tripped walking to the car because Baekhyun and Chanyeol where playing around and they shoved him by accident. You wouldn't stop screaming at them Xiumin and I had to come calm you down." Chen said laughing. "I would've screamed at them if it was you. You guys play too much." You said pouting. Jong-dae just laughed as he swung his arm around your neck. You two watched as the boys finished up their photos then Jong-dae and Jun-myeon went to take their photos. Afterwards Minseok called to you and said, "Y/N let's do a family photo!" "Yeah Eomma Y/N and her boys." Jong-in said with a charming smile. You smiled back and said "It would be kind of incomplete since Yixing isn't here don't you think?" "It'll be okay we'll take one with him later." Jong-dae said smiling. The boys gathered around and you walked over shaking your head. You gave the manager your phone and he whispered to you that you really do spoil them too much. You stood in the middle of them , they had the idea to do one serious photo and one silly photo. Min-seok and Jong-dae wrapped their arms around you and the guys all linked together behind you and came in as close as possible. After the photos were taken, it was time for dance practice but since they had finished the photo shoot early you took them out to eat first. It was nice eating out with them, Min-seok and Jong-dae sat next to you as always, chatting with you and the other members. You weren't your usual perky, flirty self though, you kept drifting off into your own thoughts. Somehow, for most of the day, you were able to push away the thought of Yixing calling your name in his sleep but now it was coming back to you. You really missed him being around the table, the boys teasing him, hearing him laugh, it even excited you a little bit to hear him cuss. It would catch you off guard but his voice would make it sound so sexy. You were smiling to yourself thinking about how sleepy he was. He was probably still asleep even now, you wondered if he'd even eat what you got him. You knew his favorites but for some reason you thought he'd still refuse to eat anything. He didn't really like to be taken care of, he had a lot on his plate between SM and his own work apart from Exo; he never really took a moment to stop. You were starting to wonder if he was even asleep at all? That worried you a bit, Jong-dae had noticed you biting your lip and said loud enough for the boys to hear, "Uh oh she's thinking about Lay again." You looked up at him with raised eyebrows. "Of course I am. I'm still worried that he's not getting any rest and he hasn't eaten since yesterday." "I'm sure he's resting well Y/N, you did tell him you got him the week off right; he is not stupid. Lay knows the kind of pressure you had to put on the manager in order to make that happen." Jong-in said. You simply nodded. "Why don't you call him to see if he's okay?" Sehun said. "On the off chance he might actually be asleep, her calling him would just wake him up Sehun." Jun-myeon replied. Jong-dae sighed, "I can't believe it, I'm being replaced as Y/N's favorite by Lay hyung. My poor heart can't take it." You smiled and shook your head at his playful drama. "You're all my boys and what do I do?" "Take care of your boys." The guys said in unison. It wasn't long after that, that you had Suho drop you off at the house to stay with Lay. You barked orders at Jun-myeon because he was the oldest to make sure that all the boys were on their best behavior and to make sure your SUV was returned in perfect condition. Jun-myeon nodded and headed off with the guys to practice. You could see Chen and Xiumin blowing kisses your way as the car pulled off. You blew a kiss back at them laughing and walked inside. It was dead silent now, the boys were always loud so this was a odd shift in atmosphere. You walked down the hall with the food you had brought for Yixing in hand and stopped at his door. You didn't know whether to knock or walk right in. The TV wasn't on from what you could hear so he was probably still asleep. You turned the doorknob slowly and walked in careful not to make too much noise. You set his food down on his desk and walked over to see him fast asleep. You really didn't want to wake him because he looked so peaceful but his sleep pattern would be ruined if he slept too long. You brushed your hand across his forehead moving some hair to the side while calling his name. "Yixing. Yixing wake up. Wake up sleepy your food is here." You heard him groan a little as if he were coming to. You were about to back away so he could sit up until you felt his hand grab your wrist and pull you close. The action was so sudden you stumbled and fell, half your body hanging off the bed the other half laying on top of him. You looked up at him shocked, his eyes were still shut but you heard him whisper sleepy. "Jagi, stay..... please Y/N.....don't.....leave." Your heart raced, you could feel your eyes welling up tears. He was still asleep!!And he was yet again dreaming about you!!!!!
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