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ASTRO's MoonBin = U-Know's partner in "Balloons" MV Young Yijeong (Kim Bum) from "Boys Over Flowers" iKon's Chanwoo = Changmin's partner in "Balloons" MV Young Jun Pyo in "Boys Over Flowers" Young Kim Tan in "The Heirs" And of course! They are chingus :)
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moon bin is in a small yet awese drama called To Be continued that I just finished
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@Mikim000 Yeah that is a drama with all Astro. I only added the ones they did before debut.. when they we're younger lol but thanks! 😊
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@ChaErica I'm squealing look at Bin!
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@MaeLyn He's so small and cute!!! Omo I'm dying! And look he's in the tiger outfit as a child too!
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